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Best Apps for Small Business for these Coronavirus Days


Due to the current situation, WFH (working from home) has become essential for many different companies and especially SMBs must adapt technology to their current needs. Large companies or international companies are more likely to already have most of the different apps that can help them take their business abroad. On the other hand, SMBs can struggle when it comes to determining the best tools to maintain their business and keep growing.

Best Apps for Small Business amid COVID-19 

Let’s walk through some key tendencies on the market these days. First of all, we know that users are spending more time using their mobile devices. China is leading the board with an average of 5 hours per user a day, which is a tremendous amount. Other regions are between 2-4 hours per day. 

Another important metric is the total number of mobile apps downloaded in this period, which has been growing rapidly, up to 72 million downloads just for business apps.

But which are the best mobile apps for small businesses? Let’s find out:

  • Communication apps: have experienced a huge increase: Hangouts meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Gotomeeting, or even Skype.
  • Productivity apps: have been growing as well: Google Drive and other G Suite apps, as well Microsoft 360 apps.
  • Best Marketing apps: are being used because there are more people connected to the internet; therefore, more users are seeing ads. Hootsuite or Mailchimp are great examples.

The best Google apps for businesses and regular users are the following: Google My  Maps, Google Playbook, Google Wallet and Google Ads.

The previous mention, are the best apps for small businesses owners. But in the market there are plenty of apps that you still do not know and can be extremely helpful to grow your business or just to save some time.

Let’s take a closer look at an app that you might not know to effectively run your online advertising campaigns.

Clever Ads Mobile App is an ads manager app available for Android and iOS. If you are currently running online advertising campaigns, how are you tracking results? Based on results, are your ads effective? Could they improve? Am I using the right platform? How can I compare performance among platforms?

These are some questions that SMB owners have when running online advertising campaigns. Also, there are so many marketing apps, plans, and prices, making it very hard to determine if you are going to get the most out of your investment.

Clever Ads’ Mobile App can help you solve all these questions and manage your website in a reasonable timeline. Our tool is meant to help marketers and/or business owners to get the most out of their campaigns. How? 

How can we help your business

Multi Platform Comparison

If you are running ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or Microsoft Ads, you can view all your results to compare them in just one app. Easily view which costs more, which brings more conversions, and which is giving you a better ROI.

If you are looking to improve them, you can take a look to our smart tips that are personalized for your campaigns (bid and keyword) recommendations. That way, you can get the most out of your ads. Balance your budget with our recommendations and spend the right amount for each platform.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you get the best business apps for your company, including the best Google apps and the best marketing apps. We wanted to offer the best app for small business owners as their budgets are more limited, and that is why Clever Ads’ Mobile App is low-cost and very useful for time management. Before implementing a paid service, a SMB owner must know exactly what is the outcome of an investment, and that is hard to determine. We believe that the best apps for small businesses owners must be low-cost or have a free plan or trial, otherwise how can you know?

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