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The Best Shopify Apps

If You want to be aware about all the new Shopify apps, better keep reading this post!

We will talk about the best apps to have control of your business, your web, your shopping cart, accounts and finances… Even your advertising campaigns! There is always a small tool or app that can help you with your objects… Which are your favorites?

A New Way to Search for Shopify Applications

We understand finding the right application that suits your needs is a difficult and time consuming task. While applications are typically categorized by type, it can still be hard to find what you are looking for. We decided to take a new approach by asking the question, “What do I want the app to accomplish?”. From there, we surveyed the Shopify app store to determine the best applications on the market and categorized them accordingly. We created this infographic for e-commerce owners to quickly and effortlessly find the tools they need to start, grow and maintain their online stores. We hope you find this guide useful as you continue on your eCommerce journey.

If you are not yet an online store owner but you are interested into creating one in Shopify, you can click here.

In this infograpic you will find…

The Best Shopify Apps Features:

    1. How to get more traffic: more traffic usually means more sales, and that’s what we want!
    2. Website configuration instructions: your website’s configuration is essential – keep it under control with these apps!
    3. Ideas to manage your products: sometimes we have too many categories or products… don’t mess around and use these apps to help.
    4. Shipping tips: shipping costs are something that can be offered in many ways. How do you do it?
    5. Customer support advice: of course, the customer is always right!
    6. How to see results: the results have to be visible, quantifiable and measurable!
    7. Accounting tricks: a few financial tricks to finish.

Here we tell you a little more extensively what you see in this computer graphics so cool that has prepared our designer Filipa… Pay attention!

Best Shopify Apps to Get More Traffic

Wanting to get the word out about your online store to increase sales? Here aare some of the best apps to help you to gain traffic:

Clever Ads

Search Engine Marketing using Google Ads to generate more searches and increase your sales with great campaigns. Try Clever Ads app!

SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization for Google, Yahoo and Bing, the three more known Search Engines in the world.


Interactive marketing tool that helps you manage your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Makes Instagram feed shoppable and redirects to your website.

Social-Sharing buttons

Triggers pop-ups, adds social media buttons to get more followers.

Best Shopify Apps for Website configuration

Wanting to make your website more user-friendly to increase sales? Take a look at how these apps can help you configure your website:

Consistent Cart

Creates a consistent shopping cart, sends automatic emails about abandoned carts.

Wishlist Plus

Adds a smart wishlist to online stores.

LimeSpot Personalizer

Showcase products customers are most likely to buy. Upsell and Cross-sell tools, popular, related, you may like, frequently bought together…etc.

Qick Announcement Bar

Gives business updates in an announcement bar

Sales Pop

Notifies customers about recent sales and what other customers are buying

Best Currency Converter

Automatically converts prices to your client’s local currency.

Photo Resize

Gives a professional polished look to your images and online store

Best Shopify Apps to Manage your products

Wanting to quickly and easily update your product and prices in your online store? These apps make it easy to manage your products:

Bulk Product Edit

Allows you to edit multiple product prices at once.


Allows for optimization of data and syncs orders for Amazon, eBay…etc.

Xpert Importer

Quickly imports your products from Amazon to Shopify


Not wanting to deal with shipping and handling? Here are some of the best apps that help with shipping.


Allows you to create custom shipping prices for each product


Sync, manage and print shipping labels and save money on shipping.

Store Pickup + Delivery

Offer in-store pickup and local deliveries to customers

Shipping Rates Calculator

Shows shipping rates in your store’s shopping cart easy to add and install

Best Shopify Apps fot Contact with your customers

To build relationships with your customers, use these apps to facilitate communication

Facebook Chat

Live chat with customers via Facebook Messenger

Tidio Live Chat

Easily integrate chat options to your online store

Easy Contact Form

Add responsive and customizable contact forms


Grow your email list, trigger pop-ups and build customer relationships

Happy Email

Send automatic emails to new customers thanking them for their business

Points, VIP, Referral Programs

Create referral and rewards programs to build customer loyalty

Product Reviews Addon

Automatically send review emais to customers to get a higher rating of your site

Best Shopify Apps to See Results

Wanting to see the results from your eCommerce efforts? These apps allow you to easily see your company’s progress and growth


Track 30+ eCommerce metrics in one dashboard with suggestions and brand recommentations.

Lucky Orange

See why your visitors don’t convert through visitor recordings, heatmaps, form analytics and more.

Semantics3 Analytics

Track all your store data from lost revenue to customer shopping history.


If you want help with the money side of your business, use these apps to make accounting and taxes easier


Automatically send invoices and receptis for every order

Tax Jar

Prepare and file sales tax return in minutes

Xporter Data Export Tool

Export customers, orders, transactions…etc.

Good Luck!

We hope that this post with the best apps for your online store has helped you in the departments you least controlled. If you have ideas for more apps or tools that can help other eCommerce owners, don’t hesitate to send us an email with your ideas to or through our social media channels.

PS: Have you familiarized yourself with the PMAX campaigns from Google and Microsoft? They’re quite noteworthy and not to be overlooked!


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