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Bing Keyword Planner: Get to the right people on Bing

Nowadays, not everyone uses Google as their search engine by default. Discarding the 9 million Bing daily users from your advertising strategy would be a big mistake. That’s why in this post we are going to focus on finding the right keywords through our Bing Keyword Planner in order to attract the right audience to your site.

Bing Keyword Planner vs Google

To start, you should take into account that Bing and Google’s algorithms are different, and therefore, the keywords you’ll need to bid for in these platforms don’t necessarily have to be the same. It’s important that you perform a different keyword research for each platform.

Why does this happen? There are several factors influencing this. For instance, Bing is not as incisive as Google with semantic searches and actually works quite well with exact match keywords. In the end, you can get better ranks for the same keywords in one search engine than in the other.

At an optimization level, however, rules are very similar among advertising platforms. At Clever Ads we have an audit and other Bing Ads products that can help you optimize your campaigns for this platform according to your specific needs.

Bing Keyword Planner – How it works

Which process should you follow to obtain a good Bing Ads positioning? The most important is to bid for the right keywords – the keywords people are searching for most in Bing.

You can use several tools and tricks to find the most important keywords for your business:

Bing autocomplete

When you start typing for a search term or sentence in Bing, the search box suggests you several of the most searched options by users. These options are a useful resource for potential keywords to bid for in your online advertising strategy


bing keyword example


Existing Bing Ads search terms

If you already have Bing Ads campaigns, you can go to the search terms report to find out which terms are being used most by users trying to find you, and which of those terms you’re not bidding yet.

This will also be useful to discover which terms are irrelevant to your business, and are attracting inefficient clicks that generate spend but lead to no conversions.

Bing Keyword Planner 

Clever Ads Bing Keyword Planner includes, among other resources, Bing autocomplete suggestions, which help you find useful keywords for your business.

Making keyword research is the first step for content creators and advertisers to know what to write about or which keywords to bid for. As the search volume for keywords increases, this means that more people are searching for those keywords, and hence, the more potential impact those keywords will have on your strategy.

However, search volume is not everything. You should also take into consideration the fact that the keywords with the most search volume often have a higher competition level, and consequently, a higher cost per click. Sometimes keywords with the most search volume are not the most profitable for you.

Normally the most effective way to utilize keywords is to find long tail keywords that are more specific. Although long tail keywords have a lower search volume, they have a higher conversion rate and can save you money you’d otherwise be spending on inefficient clicks.

Step-by-step Bing Keyword Planner use:

1 – Firstly, search for one or several keywords related to the products or services you’d like to advertise.


keyword planner caption


2- You’ll have the chance to filter your results by location, language, average monthly searches, cost per click or competition level, among others.


kw planner caption


3- Once filtered, the keyword list results can be saved and uploaded directly to the Bing Ads campaigns and ad groups of your choice from Clever Ads. You’ll also be offered the option to download them, so you can upload them manually to Bing.


my keyword list



4- Sit and relax while you bring quality traffic to your site.

It’s convenient that you use the same keywords, not only in your campaigns but also on your landing pages. This way the message and content displayed on your ads will match that of your landing page.

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