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Bing Keyword Research Tool: How to choose them.

How should you choose the best keywords for your Bing Ads? How much should you bid for them? Our Bing Ads Keyword Planner will help you search and select your Bing keywords to build ad groups with good results.

Bing Keyword Planner: Use guide

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  • Filter your Bing keywords by monthly searches, average bids, competition level, or search trend to get to the ones that match your desired conditions. You can experiment by searching with different filters and play until you get to the perfect combination of traffic and performance.
  • Obtain precise results depending on the location or locations you’d like to get advertised, filtering your Bing keywords by geographic area. In the end, searches are not the same and don’t have the same volume depending on the countries or exact locations.

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  • You can also filter by language, allowing you to search your keywords for cross-border campaigns. Select the language and we give you the searches, don’t set any limits to your campaigns. 
  • Personalize your Bing keywords results easily. You can include or exclude specific words from your keywords, avoiding unexpected surprises and allowing you to filter wide keyword results lists easily. 

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  • Once filtered, you can create lists with your Bing keywords, add them to an existing list, or download them. We recommend you create lists with them so they’re organized and saved in Clever Ads. This way you’ll be able to manage them all from one place. 

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  • Once saved, you can upload your Bing keyword lists to your Bing Ads campaigns in one click. Select the ad groups in which you want to publish the lists and our tool will automatically upload them in a few seconds. This way you’ll save time and start to make the most out of them right away. 

Another benefit of using the Bing keyword planner is that it allows you to search your keywords for Google as well, so you can compare results, get new ideas or find gaps. Soon you’ll also be able to do so with other advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Cool things are coming…

Soon, you’ll also be able to automatically detect opportunities as you select your Bing keywords with Clever Ads. We’ll estimate the necessary investment to push your traffic with a specific selection of keywords. 

This selection will be made automatically by Clever Ads when we detect a keyword group that could potentially have a great impact in your campaign performance. 

Once you accept the opportunity, you’ll be able to upload that keyword group to your preferred ad group or campaign in one click.

discover opportunities screenshot

Much more than Bing keywords

In Clever Ads, we’re much more than a keyword research tool, as you can also manage all your advertising strategies – from keyword selection and campaign creation to optimization and monitoring. 



With Clever Ads web and mobile (yes, you read that right, we have an app Ads Manager!) you can take your whole advertising strategy in your pocket. Among other things, we can tell you when significant changes are made in your keywords’ performance and remind you when you should update them. 

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