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Campaign Bid Simulator: how to Invest on your Ads Campaigns?

Have you ever struggled with Google Ads? Have you ever avoid creating a campaign thinking you might waste your time and investment?

These are challenges that business owners have when promoting their products and services. That is why we came up with the Campaign Simulator for Google Ads and our mobile ads Clever Ads Manager.

If you want to have an idea on how many potential visitors can you bring daily to your website and the average cost per bringing them, keep reading!

Before you create a campaign with Google Ads…

…You have no visibility in how much people could you target or how to target the right audience. How much would that cost? Sometimes can be scary start using Google Ads due to uncertainty. That is what this post and feature is about, trying to show you the risks and positive outcomes you can achieve by giving you more information.

Campaign simulator

And, that is why we have develop a campaign simulator that is personalized to your business. Tell us your webpage address and the countries you want to target and we will be able to pull an average number of users you can drive to your website and an approximate cost of each visitor.

Our system will understand your business and products to search for those keywords related on the Google network and determine how many users are looking for your products daily. After we calculated how many daily visitors you can have, we can estimate an average cost of driving one visitor to your webpage. This information is vital to understand if it is really expensive or cheap, and if you can pull a large number of users or not.

If you have been trying different advertising platforms like Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads because it seem cheaper or more effective, remember that you can target in different channels and get better results. If you only target social media users through ads, you will be missing users that are looking for products and services you are offering, and they will more likely look for that in Google search engine.  

The best way to advertise your business and find out which platform is better to advertise your products and services is to A/B test some of them and get results. Before doing that make sure to know each platform and if you are exploring to start your campaigns with Google Ads remember to try the simulator. If you are looking to advertise in social media you can test other social media ads campaign simulators.

How to know how much to spend in ads?

This is a key question for business owners and there is not a fixed amount. Each business has their budgets and costs so it really depends on you and your vertical, as well as your business goals. Chek here more info about our metrics app!

The amount you are looking for is not a fix rate, it has to change over time according to your results and goals. It is always a good idea to spend some, check results and move from there. If you have not a single clue, try $10 dollars a day in Google Ads during 15 to 30 days and keep improving from there based on results.


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