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The Best Google Ads App Comparator!

Business owners are always looking to improve their digital marketing by effectively using the right tools. Nowadays the market is saturated with tons of apps, extensions, plugins, paid services, dashboards etc…

But how can you determine the best apps? Reviews, bloggers, Youtube experts, recommendations…

Lets go to the point, if you are running a business or you are an eCommerce owner you are going to try to reach your target audience using digital marketing. What channel should you use? Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads or Microsoft Ads? Those are plenty of platforms, choose different ones based on your strategy. They have their own app, like the Google Ads app. 

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How are you going to keep track of all of them? This can be time costly and you might not get the same information for each platform, but data quality is very important to help your campaigns improve. So, be sure to have the right online marketing metrics handy.

The best Google Ads app comparator!

If you are running campaigns in different platforms, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you are going to have to get results in different dashboards, with different views and with a lot of information that you may not need for the basic reporting. What if you could have a Google Ads app, Facebook Ads app, Instagram Ads app and Microsoft Ads app all in one place?

If you are tired from jumping from one to another platform to get basic track on how your campaigns are going, try Clever Ads Manager, available for Android and iOS. Sure each platform will have their own access if you want to create a new campaign for example, you can do this in the Google Ads app. But that is time costly and you may want to do it in your desktop. But constantly accessing each platform in your desktop just to get online marketing metrics, is just time costly. Let’s take a closer view to the Clever Ads app and it s different capabilities to see if this tool can actually help you.

Once you download Clever Ads and you connect your different platforms you will have a quick and easy access to all of your reports.

The first tab, Home, will report on Income and Spend of all your campaigns together, that way you have a clear overview of how you are performing. You can always select the time range you want. Next you will have the same view with your CPA and another one with Conversions. The most important metrics of all campaigns to have a quick and clear understanding.

Insights, is the next tab were you can find all metrics we have mentioned per platform. If you are running campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but not Microsoft Ads, you will be getting Income, Spend, CPA and Conversions per platform. That way you can view in detail which platform is working better, the one that is giving you more conversions, the most expensive one etc.. This way you can understand performance much better and improve campaigns on the platform that is not performing as well.

In the next tab you will find Campaigns. A view of your different campaigns per platform in which you will be seeing in addition to Income, Spend, CPA and Conversions, their Status, number of Clicks and Impressions.

In the last part, you will find KPI alerts, per platform as well. You will get alerts, for example, if campaigns performance decreased due to an increment in CPA and other important tips to make sure you have control on your campaigns.

Isn’t that amazing? Having full control on your online marketing metrics in the same place can save you time every day and in top of that, getting main insight on how they are performing will allow you to understand which ones are working better and why. That way you can improve the ones that are not performing as well and focus your budget in the best ones.

And, if on the other hand, you need help with a Google Ads campaigns audit… We also have it!


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