Christmas promotion ideas for retail

Christmas Promotion Ideas for Retail: Get another Round of Customers!

In this post we are offering some Christmas promotion ideas for Retail (Shopify specially) owners and entrepreneurs. 

These years of pandemic have increased online sales significantly, so online sales forecasts for this year and especially for Christmas promise to be just as relevant. 

✔  Don’t wait to the last day. Start working on your Christmas campaigns soon as possible and don’t fret… your customers will end up buying.

✔  Mobile device use continues to increase year after year… Optimize your eCommerce for mobile users (even more if your average sale is less than $50).

It’s time for your Christmas promotions and to increase your sales.  

Organize and finalize your campaigns’ budgets

The first thing you should do is organize your ad strategy and divide the budget in the smartest way. This year remarketing campaigns will be especially relevant. We must pay special attention to loyalty and get our customers to fall in love with us  given that the competition this year will be cut throat and they will constantly try to steal our customers. Do the same and get ahead of your competitors with these Christmas promotion ideas for retail.

Make sure your promotions are aligned and programmed according to your Christmas calendar and ensure they make sense to customers (and to your business model).


When do users show you more interest in your products and when are they more likely to visit your website according to the data from the previous Christmas season? You can visit  Google Trends and Think with Google.

For international deliveries, don’t forget the holidays in each area! 

You can easily promote your sales with multi-language support. *The national retail federation (NRF) informs that ⅓ of the buyers said that they bought basing in promotions.

You can use Promotions  to highlight your special offers.

Set up a solid measurement framework

It is important to know how your customers use the different channels, which ones are working better and discover errors as soon as possible to be able to solve them and make your Christmas campaigns even more profitable. Use advanced KPIs for optimization like Cross-device attribution and Store visit conversions.

Be prepared for an invasion of buyers from mobile devices

You can use relevant extensions to your ads. This way, you will help your potential customers find details which they might need – directly on your ad.

These are the type of extensions you can use:

Location extensions

These kinds of extensions will allow you to show your business address, phone number and a map marker along with your ad text.

Call extensions

With them, you can add phone numbers to your ads, which can significantly increase your click-through rates.

Price extensions

Price extensions will add more value to your Search Network text ads by giving you a bigger showcase for your services and range of products, and by linking people directly to what interests them on your site.

App extensions

App extensions allow you to link your mobile or tablet app to your text ads. People click either on your ad headline to go to your site, or on the link to your app. App extensions are a great way to provide access to your website and your app from a single ad.

Make sure that all your products are approved to be displayed on Google

  1.  Use the Diagnostics section to solve all your account’s issues.
  2. You can use Opportunities for improvements and increase in clicks.

* You should pay special attention to Google’s policies if you sell any product or service related to health or COVID-19. Currently it is still delicate to run campaigns related to this type of products due to the special regulations created by Google that will be in force until the end of the pandemic, so you should pay special attention to their updates. 

Manage your keywords

Make sure you know what your customers are looking for, use the Search term report to detect missing keywords.

Being present at Christmas

Get connected with your potential customers

An important point is to target audiences that are interested in products/services similar to yours. You should spend several hours doing good keyword research before launching your ads. 

Do you keep up with the competition?

Be sure you don’t miss key opportunities. Revise your average position and overlap rate by taking a look at your auction insights.

Generate Online Sales

Reconnect with your past visitors

Show personalized ads to your previous visitors. This kind of campaign is known as remarketing. And as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, they are especially relevant for your Christmas campaigns this year. Also, you can create nice Christmas cards to send with all Christmas period orders.

Re-engage your customer base

Now is the best time to remind them of your brand, when they are about to make their purchases. This year the competition is going to be brutal; therefore, this is one of the best ways to increase your profits. Convince your customers to choose you over others… Give them compelling reasons to do so!

Help your customers continue with their purchase

Use dynamic remarketing to show them the products which they’ve abandoned in the cart or similar products. Currently there is the possibility of carrying out this type of recovery of abandoned carts through SMS and it usually works really well.

Get benefited by automation

In order to reach new customers you can use Smart display campaigns. These kinds of campaigns combine automated bidding, targeting, and ad creation – helping you reach your potential customers more effectively.

Optimize your promotion actions

Don’t lose out! Use the Smart bidding.

And don’t forget!

Even after the Christmas period and your Christmas promotions, people don’t stop buying. Continue to advertise your products with promotional extensions to Shopping campaigns. Use historical data to identify key dates in January and continue with successful strategies that have paid off in Christmas marketing campaigns. We hope you found our ideas for your holiday promotions useful this year. Comment in the section below to share your own ideas.


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