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If you are in this post, it is because you already know or have an idea of what keyword research is (and what it implies), either for your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy or for your paid traffic campaigns. Keywords are essential for everything in an online business, from setting up your website and its different contents to planning your digital marketing strategy. What tools to use to do it correctly and without additional costs? Meet the Clever Ads Keyword Planner.

Find the best keywords & discover new trends

Tons of people are currently searching for things, products, and services on Google – can they find you easily? This is what you have to ask yourself before you start with keyword research. Think about what ideas or concepts you want to promote on your website or your Google campaigns and let’s get started!

Features of Clever Ads keyword tool

  • Search for the right keywords for your business: find thousands of new keywords for your website and the most accurate results with the Clever Ads Keyword planner. Focus on the keywords you are really interested in, we generate the keywords, you are in control.
  • Filter your results and discover the perfect opportunities: take full advantage of all the filtering and planning options that will help you quickly and easily locate interesting and powerful keywords for your business.
  • All in one: you don’t need any more tools or apps to perform complete keyword research for your strategies.
  • Create Keyword Lists: organize your keywords into lists to make it easier to manage them at any time with the Clever Ads Keyword Planner. You can create completely new lists, you can update lists you have created, mix them, merge them, transfer keywords from one list to another… Everything is possible!
  • Upload your keywords to your Google Ads campaigns: directly upload the keywords you are interested in into your Google Ads campaigns.

Best Practices & Benefits

How to get started and get people to find you

With the Clever Ads Keyword tool you can optimize your SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) campaigns and increase the ROI (return on investment) of your business and your sales. You will be able to use keywords relevant to your users and your customers, you will be able to see what keywords your competitors are using and not miss any opportunity in the field of keyword research.

Unbiased and contrasted information

Unlike other tools, we provide you with keywords obtained from various data sources, not only from Google. This will prevent your keyword research from being biased, which happens with other keyword planners, but not with the Cleve Ads Keyword Tool! With our tool, you will be able to make smarter decisions for your paid acquisition strategies.

Start advertising right away

Want to start advertising now? With Clever Ads Keyword Planner it couldn’t be easier. Not only can you manage, filter, and create keyword lists all in one place but you can also upload them to your Google Ads campaigns and ad groups directly from your Clever Ads account. Your time is money!

Keyword optimization, absolutely necessary and essential

SEO best practice tips state that you have to periodically check that your keywords are appropriate and if their evolution and performance are positive. Are you bidding for keywords that really interest your business? Why not try new keywords that might increase the performance of your business? And of your campaigns? Always keep an eye on keyword trends. With the Clever Ads Keyword tool we will make sure to remind you to update your keywords so you don’t spend money unnecessarily on keywords that don’t bring revenue to your business.



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