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Clever Ads Manager Mobile App – Create, optimize and manage your online advertising campaigns.

You can use Clever Ads Manager Mobile App to create, optimize and manage your online advertising campaigns, let’s discover how to do it step by step:

Clever Ads Manager Mobile App Features

Google Ads Account & Campaigns Creation

If you’re new to Google advertising, Clever Ads Manager App allows you to have a new Google Ads account created in a few seconds, directly from your mobile app. 

Also, you’ll benefit from the Google Ads campaign creation feature that will help you have new Google Ads campaigns created automatically in a couple of days, with minimum effort required from your side. 

The campaign creation process is easy. You’ll just need to go through a 4-step process in the Clever Ads Manager Mobile App in which we’ll ask you for some basic information about your business and about your advertising goals. Then in a couple of days you’ll already have your campaigns ready and uploaded on your Google Ads account. Easy, right?

And there’s an extra surprise here! If the campaigns you are creating with us are your first ones because your Google Ads account is new, we’ll activate a Google Ads Promo Code just for you to use in your account. This way you’ll start advertising on Google for free.

Campaign Optimization & Improval through the Tipster

In the Clever Ads Manager Mobile App there’s an awesome tab called Tipster where you can access several personalized recommendations for improving your performance on different advertising platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and Microsoft Ads. 

Forget about going through your campaigns investigating what can be improved, what’s missing or where you are failing. With the Tipster you know exactly what you’ll need to do next for optimizing your campaigns.

The most important thing about the tips that the Clever Ads Manager Mobile App offers is that most of them are ready to use! This means you can apply the recommendations proposed in just one click and the changes will automatically reflect in your real campaigns. Again, saving you time and money in the short and long run.

The tips go from campaigns and ads creation, bid adjustments or targeting optimization to keyword suggestions or budget variations. They are classified from low to high impact so you have an idea on the value they’ll add to your campaigns results before applying them. 

Have it all under control through Alerts

You can create alerts anytime from the Alerts tab in Clever Ads Manager Mobile App for any of the advertising platform campaigns you have linked to the app. 

For creating a new alert all you have to do is enter the name of the alert, what you want to be notified about, and set the parameters or the “rules” to set the alert off. The parameters are:

  • Campaigns – you’ll need to select the campaign for which you want to set the rule. So if the action you configure happens in that campaign, your alert will get fired.
  • Metrics – select the metric you want to track, it can be cost, conversions, interactions, the CPC, CPA or even rates. This way if the value of that metric gets greater or lower than what you set, you’ll be notified.
  • Condition – select if the alert will fire if the value you set is greater, lower or equal to the one you set.
  • Value – set the numerical value for the metric you selected.
  • Time period – you’ll be able to select “last 1 day”, “last 7 days” and “last 30 days”.

Once you have it all selected, that’s it!

When applicable we’ll automatically generate up to three default alerts in the moment you install Clever Ads Manager Mobile App and connect your advertising account. Whether you have those predefined alerts or not generated automatically, you’ll be able to create new ones freely.

Metrics, Graphs & Campaigns information

You’ll have a couple of tabs regarding your different platforms overall metrics and also by campaign. This way you’ll know which campaigns are the least useful, which ones are having more conversions and which ones are more profitable. 

The added value of this is that you can have all the aggregated data for all your campaigns from all your advertising platforms together (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Microsoft) as well as separately. 

Make the right decisions out of your information with the Insights view

From the Insights section in your Clever Ads Manager Mobile App you’ll be able to gather deeper insights and information on your data, as well as recommendations on the decisions to make out of the insights. Insights are classified into three categories:

  • Audience: get to know the key data regarding your audience, potential clients visiting your website coming from ads, and your visitors profile and the traffic evolution overall. We recommend that if the customer profile reflected in the insights doesn’t fit your ideal client, consider using our Tipster for adjusting your targeting through bid adjustments.
  • Conversions: you’ll see your conversions, some simulations and comparisons with your industry.
  • Investment: having your bid strategy and spend under control is essential for fully optimizing your advertising campaigns. You’ll have it under control through the Insight by knowing what advertising platform brings you a larger audience, which one is more profitable and to what extent. 


clever ads mobile manager app

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