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We interview today to our Chief Operating Officer, José María Cabello. Keep reading!

Can you explain the role of a COO in a company?

José María Cabello: COO is the person in charge in the operations within a company. For Clever Ads this means making sure that the creation and optimization of Google Ads campaigns created for the Clever ecommerce app are conducted in the best possible way.

What do you think the main challenges the operations department will have to face in the future?

José María Cabello: We will be focusing on extending the language we create campaigns in, as well as the language we give support in. We will be adding German soon. We also working on a project that will give 24-7 service to our app users.  The Account Management Team will grow in number and in variety of countries, languages spoken and cultures.

Can you tell us a success story that you feel especially proud of?

José María Cabello: There are many. Clever ecommerce is really proud to have helped  small and medium-size eCommerce businesses get into Google Ads. Without an app like Clever ecommerce that’s offered in some of the main e-commerce platforms, many of our users would not have access to this marketing channel. Our business model allows users to choose a plan that fits their needs. Once this is done, campaign creation begins. After tracking the progress of these campaigns, upgrades are available to optimize services.

As director of operations for a company that works only in a digital environment, what tools do you use?

José María Cabello: we have developed several tools in-house that manage our core business creation and optimization of Google Ads campaigns. Some examples are CRM, Google Ads bidding optimization tool and campaigns creation tool among others. Google analytics and all the Google Insights tools are used on a daily basis. For project management and team communication, slack and trello are our daily tools.

How do you think the ecommerce sector will evolve in the coming years?

José María Cabello: integration with social networks and virtual assistants will shape the future of ecommerce. The response of Google to Amazon is especially interesting, transforming Google shopping from a simple comparison engine to more of an Amazon-style marketplace. Now in beta in France, it won’t last until it becomes widely available.

What role does the account manager take care of?

José María Cabello: The Account Manager is the core figure in Clever organization. They create and optimize the Google Ads campaign, that is the only service we provide. Without Account managers, clever ecommerce would not exist.

How many account managers form your team and how do you organize and distribute the work?

José María Cabello: There 4 on the team, and we will increase to 5 soon. The merchants are assigned depending on experience and industry specialization of each Account Manager.

What is the main differential value / unique value proposition / the maximum value offered by Clever to an online retailer?

We offer our experience with managing campaigns for more than 50.000 Google Ads accounts. We are experts on what we do and we excel at it. On top of that, campaign creation is low-cost with the option to upgrade if wanting us to optimize their account to a greater extent.

You have reached a very high volume of accounts in a very short time … Does not it overwhelm you to campaign for more than 50,000 clients?

Yes, it does a little bit, sometimes. We use a set of in-house developed tools to manage large amount of app users.Automatization, machine-learning based algorithms and a multilingual team make possible to fulfill this task.

If you had to define Clever in 3 words … Which would you choose?

Reliable, competent and affordable.

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José María Cabello, Clever ecommerce COO, You can contact him at his Linkedin.






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