An Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Product Marketing Blog Post

Take your eCommerce marketplace and Blog to the top!

Creating a blog for marketing and an eCommerce marketplace for your products is not just about attaching fancy words together and maintaining a constant keyword density. A blog is like making a cup of coffee differently but tasty so that the person would ask for more.


To be concise, a blog should catch the reader’s attention and it must be unique, comprehensive, and engaging. Unless it follows these characteristics, businesses can’t excel their products via digital marketing.

No matter how attractive or how cost-effective your product is, it won’t get customers without a successful marketing strategy for your eCommerce marketplace. In this digital marketing environment, one thing always remains constant, digital content. Everything narrows down to your exceptional digital content. If it is exclusive, you have a surety of success. If it’s not, you are definitely doomed.

The Question is; how can the businesses create extraordinary blog content that will drive traffic to their website?

Many wonder whether there is a magic way to create a eCommerce marketplace with a blog to achieve success. The answer honestly is, no. Writing a blog about your product has the prime motive of educating the audience how your product or services are more beneficial for the visitors. Therefore, the blog is your call to turn visitors into customers.

If you want to create extraordinary content, you need to work hard on words—neither complex nor difficult; your product blog should be easy to understand. That being said, it is time-consuming work and you have to prepare ahead. Thus, a business needs to create a strategic plan for the content and distribute it on various social media platforms.

Let’s see some key strategies of how your single product blog post can attract more audience which eventually turns into customers.

Add Value to your Blog with High-Quality Content

High-Quality Content


I know you are eager to ask—what do you mean by high-quality? Let’s hear from Google, it says, high-quality content is “unique, well-written, and thoroughly researched.”

Unique means the content is exclusively written by the writer. Well written comprise grammatically correct, beautifully crafted paragraphs and easy-to-understand sentences. Finally, the phrase “thoroughly researched content”, explains the importance of genuine content for your eCommerce marketplace and blog.

For instance, if your product is not up-to-the-mark as mentioned in the blog, your customer will give bad reviews. This can result in bad marketing. Here, if your product is popular in a bad manner, then what’s the point of that popularity?

Therefore, accurate and trustworthy information gives you acceptability. As you already know everything about your product/service, you can write it in a comprehensive way. One can add a comparison, key offerings, upgrades, and other content related to the usefulness of product/service.

Similarly, just filling the space with the bags of information is not recommended. Such concentration on the word count will not give the desired result. Thus, businesses need to give detailed information about their product but in a subtle, eye-catchy, and straight-forward way.

Remember, just knowing everything doesn’t work. You need to add value to your blog to enlighten the potential customers. The content must provide an absolute idea of what your product is and how it will greatly assist its users. I know you are thinking of ways to add value to your blog. Understanding the aforementioned instructions, you can utilize the following approach which always helps me to create customer-centric blogs.

Increase the Value of your Blog with the Problem-Solution Approach

Every product or service is designed to solve some key problems of customers. These problems are the major reason for your increasing number of customers. But, to assist clients with your offerings, you need to give them an exact idea of how your product has the capability to solve your issues.

Already there are numerous solutions for a single problem. Therefore, you also need to mention how your product is more versatile and productive than the others. In this manner, you make customers understand the importance of using your services. Wait! This doesn’t end here. Further, you’ll see some add-ons which are effective to engage more readers and make the blog more comprehensive.

Attractive Infographic for Complex Content



Why infographics? They grab the reader’s attention, demonstrate expertise, and improve brand value. For service providers, infographics do a crucial task of simplifying complicated information. They can show the process step by step via infographics.

By now, numerous businesses started implementing infographics on their product pages to instantly attract customer’s attention.

Science says that a human being can give attention to a thing for 8 seconds, averagely. Understanding this tendency and knowing that humans are visual creatures; infographics is the best way to keep your customers attention. Likewise, if your infographic is impressive, it would save you from giving too much information.

You can enclose the blog post in an infographic and share through social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms are well-utilized for infographics. Additionally, you can use free online tools like Canva. There are numerous customizations available and anyone can create wonderful templates with such tools.

Here you have some  infographic samples for your reference: Mirror Review Blog or the one in our own blog! where we made an analysis aboutGoogle Ads and its comparison with Facebook Ads.

After making the complete product marketing blog post, the next thing is reaching the audience to turn them into customers. This is the challenging part for early starters. One can build target customer lists using various ways like LinkedIn contacts, mail contacts, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once you built a contact list of potential customers, the following are some of the most effective ways to connect with them.

The Power of E-mail Newsletter

People across the world are used to sending and receiving emails every day. There’s no surprise that email has become one of the most popular channels for communication. Radicati Group study 2018 has shown that over half of the world population used email in 2018. Likewise, numerous worldwide email users are expected to grow to over 4.2 billion by the end of 2022.

Hence, the email platform is the biggest source of marketing to advance your objectives of reaching more customers. Email marketing provides a personalized experience to customers. A custom-tailored email will give you extraordinary results if you write it on an individual level.

Importantly, there is less possibility of an email address change from consumers. Contrastingly, search engines regularly update their algorithms every now and then and keeping up with these changes is a regular challenge.


Tell your Product Story with Instagram Stories


instagram stories


Instagram has taken a major spot in social media across the globe, registering 1 billion total users in 2018, out of which 500 million people use the app daily. A study conducted by MediaKix showed that a third of the most-viewed Instagram stories come from businesses. Similarly, 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts.

In your story, you can show the process of how your products are benefiting your consumers. You can also add stories explaining more about your product or services, a screenshot of posting your blog, and yes, you can mention Link is in the description.

But, beware of the mute tool which is a way for Instagram users to block annoying accounts. If you post too many stories at once and it makes your followers tap more than 15 times, there’s a good chance that you might get muted because everyone gets bored of repetitive tasks.


Product Video is Your way to Gain Customers


youtube mobile


Since the surge in internet users, videos have been making their dominance in digital marketing. Video content is an ideal tool for businesses who want to embark on an effective marketing strategy for their products.

You can create an interesting tutorial video based on your blog post, based on your interests from your eCommerce marketplace. Upload it on YouTube and mention the link of your blog in the video and description itself. No need to go deep, simply give your audience an outline of your product. Secondly, use an interesting title, description, and tags for the video. Then you can share it on all social media platforms which will ensure more visibility of your content. Further, you can split this video into small pieces to post it on Instagram stories.

Following the above practices in your blog can make it so comprehensive that it will constantly attract your audience. I would like to add here some key things like ease of understanding, novelty, expertise, precision, usefulness, etc. pump the blog to stand out in the crowd. I have covered the essential requirements of a product marketing blog based on what today’s audience likes to see and want. Even though these practices are diverse and distinct from each other, combined they can create a great impact. Today, out of millions of blogs, people gravitate towards reading a handful of blogs because those blogs are created utilizing the aforementioned strategies. Therefore, it’s your chance to make a difference with your blog. Happy Blogging!

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Author: Mayur Shewale. Assistant Editor at Mirror Review Media and Tech.

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