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We interview Clever CTO and co-funder, Rodrigo Muñoz. Pay attention!

Today we want you to know us a little more, so we have interviewed four important figures of the Clever team, one of our co-founders and main developer, Rodrigo Muñoz:

What madre you start your own business?

The possibility to materialize my own ideas with freedom, and that constant challenge that comes with a startup.

How do you see the scenario of web development at the employment level?

Web development today is closer than ever, the most popular programming languages ​​make programming easier, cloud services facilitate systems work, and frameworks for UX and design work. In this scenario, the only bad thing is that it’s very difficult to be up to date in web technology, although on the other hand, that is what makes it so fun. My favorite field, no doubt, is feed optimization!

What is it that you do exactly at Clever?

I take care of the product, technology and development, and for that I spend the day hooked to my headphones talking to all parties involved with this. Luckily, I have a great team with which it is very easy to work. Every time I have less time to develop, although I always take at least one hour a day to get into the code, I do not like the idea of ​​losing contact with the code.

What are your biggest challenges at a technological level right now?

Our biggest challenges are to give even more scalability to all projects in cloud environments, to improve analytics to better understand users and to bring a little more magic to our products from ourMachine Learning team.

Tell us some crazy app / development idea that you have had.

Every week we think of more than one thing, almost always related to our “little world”, Google Ads and eCommerce Ads. Unfortunately in startups, we have to stay focused on a certain goal at a time, and in order to grow we have to maintain the focus, so all of them go into the background.

There are many projects happening at once … How do you stay organized?

That’s a good question, sometimes I don’t know how I do it. I’m not a very organized person in my day to day, but at work I like to be. I try to use tools like Slack and Trello, and try to solve problems that require my attention, I use pomodoro, 25 minutes where nothing distracts me.

What do you think the advantages of online commerce are over offline? Apart from the elimination of spatial and temporal barriers.

There are many, from the convenience of buying from home, to the great offers and catalogs. Nowadays, eCommerce has a much higher level of product detail than the physical store itself, and this idea of ​​touching what you buy is increasingly losing value.

What are the deadlines for mobile commerce and social commerce?

Well, I think the deadlines are already met, mobile sales are growing, and social networks will open shopping solutions that we can not even imagine today. I think Wechat in China is a very good example of what’s coming.

What do you think of gamification as an online sales tool?

One of the best strategies, when done well, the shopping experience is fantastic, and makes a lot of sense to repeat a purchase in the future. But at the same time one of the hardest to implement, it is easy to tighten the rope too much, and make gamification a real buying barrier.

What is it like to lead a team of 30 developers in different programming languages?

Our structure is quite flat, with very few levels, which favors that each one has autonomy in their work, and knows very well the part of the product that is developing, this is always very motivating for any developer who sees the impact of their work. Otherwise I do not think anything different from other startups, daily scrums, little paperwork, and good vibes.

How do you think the technology sector will evolve in the medium to long term future?

I hope that interesting and innovative technological projects do not stop coming out, and even more importantly, that the online public wants to try and dare with new things. It is never good for big things to get bigger and bigger. On the other hand, the advances in hardware with wearables, VR, Assistants and others make the possibilities of the software and the integrations between all this infinite.

If you had to define Clever with 3 words … Which would you choose?

Focus, Develop, and integrations.

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clever inc

Rodrigo Muñoz, CTO and CoFounder and Tech Rock Star: web, backend, online marketing optimization.
Java, HTML, Ruby-on-Rails.
AdWords, Shopify, Magento, Facebook, Bing.
Telecom engineer (EE & CS) and Master’s in Internet Business.
Passions: scuba diving, new technologies and soccer (formerly semi-pro). You can contact him at his Linkedin.



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