5 mistakes to avoid when running an eCommerce business

eCommerce mistakes to avoid

Don´t do these eCommerce mistakes! 

Are You thinking about opening an eCommerce? Looking to improve your already-existing eCommerce business? Planing your eCommerce Ads strategy? Here are some obstacles eCommerce owners face & how to avoid them, 

#1 Lack of Accessible Customer Service

This is the most common eCommerce mistake.

Although u’re not dealing with customers face to face, customer service is still very important. Truthfully, it may even be more important for eCommerce businesses as it is the only impression your customer will get of u.

It is essential to make sure your eCommerce website is simple to navigate with access to customer support emails, phone numbers, and chat options that allow your customers to easily get a hold of you.

Not doing this will only hurt your business and lead to bad reviews. Therefore, satisfying your customers should be your number one priority and excellent customer service is how you do so. 

Good old fashioned kindness and respect was the key to a customer’s heart, and decades later the classic methods still apply!

#2 Not Utilizing Social Media

One of the most powerful marketing tools in this day and age is social media: make it your ally.

Social media is one the most influential mechanisms when it comes to consumer decision making so make sure your products are present on multiple networking channels.

It is important to utilize these platforms both as promotional tools as well as virtual catalogs for your products. Showcase what you offer and what makes you unique.

Not taking advantage of social media will only hurt you by costing you valuable exposure so don’t miss out and join the movement!

#3 Poor Product Images and Descriptions

Since users cannot physically pick up and try out your products, the only way they will get to know your brand and what you offer is through product images and descriptions.

It is important that your images are clear and clean and that your descriptions answer any potential questions a user may have about your product while still enticing them to make a purchase.

Lack of or poor quality product descriptions will only drive your customers to another site so be sure that your product is shown to be the highest quality.

And don’t forget to take in count the SEO structure! Here You have the ultimate Guide to eCommerce SEO.

#4 Overly Complicated Check-out and Shipping

Once a consumer has decided to purchase your product the last thing you want to do is drive them away with complex check out methods.

Be sure to keep the clicks as minimal as possible and offer multiple shipping options. If possible, try to keep check out and shipping on the same screen and don’t force your clients to input their information twice.

Keeping check out and shipping quick and easy is key in completing your sale.

#5 Only being Compatible with a Desktop Computer

Every day more and more people are online shopping with their mobile devices and tablets. It is no longer acceptable to only make your website compatible with desktop computers if you want to remain competitive.

Making your website mobile friendly is a sure way to make your business more attractive for customers as well as boosts sales!


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