Top eCommerce Site Features

Must-Have eCommerce Site Features To Include By Designers

If you are developing a new eCommerce site or redesigning an existing one there are a few critical points that you should look into to make it perfect and fully functional. You will first of all need to take into consideration all available data and information. This may seem pretty obvious and a no-brainer to you but this information will enable you to include our useful eCommerce site features such as:

  • Searching or sorting
  • Useful designer fields and more

Exciting as it may seem to you while including the features, you will need to take a more detailed look to understand how exactly the database will work for you. Create an excel file with all relevant fields mentioned in the columns and rows. Include all important and specific information in these columns and rows such as:

  • Name of the product
  • The price
  • Colors to use
  • Features to include and several other fields.

Make sure that the rows contain the actual information for each of the fields mentioned in the columns.

In the absence of such data or if you have limited data that does not mean you cannot create a site that looks good. However, the customers may find a bit difficult if they want to shop by brand or designer name, price, color, model or other specifics of any particular product. Data will support their actions and you can enter it by importing or through your website administration.

Focus on keyword research

In addition to the above, you must also focus on eCommerce keyword research. This will help you to identify those specific keywords that will help you in not only designing the best eCommerce site but will also help you a great deal in your SEO campaign.

The importance of such keyword research for your eCommerce SEO campaign cannot be overlooked and there are lots of good reasons for that.

  • It is a tried and tested method that will help you to understand what exactly your customers are looking for
  • It will also help you a lot in determining and understand the potential market segments that is required to tap into for a better and guaranteed growth of the business and most importantly
  • It will help you in improving the conversion rates and at the same time increase your sales prospects and volumes.

Therefore, in the eCommerce SEO world you will need to emphasize on specific keywords that will reflect the brand names, the model numbers of the product, the SKUs, the product names as well as other important key phrases.

Just make sure that you know where to start and follow the specific steps for your eCommerce SEO keyword research. These steps include:

  • Understanding the behavior and search pattern of your customers
  • Finding the answers to whys and whenof their searches
  • Using a Google keyword planner to know the search volume of the specific keyword
  • Using long tail keywords with product numbers, if applicable, for higher conversion
  • Determining the most popular or in-season products
  • Researching for brand name keywords and their search volume
  • Selecting quite a few main keywords for every category
  • Finding and using those keywords that usually have a low or medium competition in comparison and
  • Determining the niche keywords and focusing on building your brand and online authority around those.

Remember, the most important thing for a site is to get as many visitors to it as possible but more so it is important to get the RIGHT visitors that will convert.

Website wireframe design

Another significant feature to include in modern web design is wireframe which plays a major role in the success of a website.

Ideally, wireframe design is a specific web designing process in which:

  • A primary visual guide is created.
  • The framework of the potential website is built.

This document is then served to the web design company as a blueprint for the design which they further expand upon. This is essentially required and extremely helpful when you build a custom website which is essentially a multiphase process.

Typically, the creation of the wireframe for the website is the initial stage of the designing process. The objective of creating a wireframe for web design is to:

  • Launch a schematic foundation for building the website
  • To know exactly how the data and information will be processed, presented and prioritized to the users
  • To know where exactly and the ways in which the elements are to be implemented.

All these are very much related to the functionality of the website and if these are carried on just as it is desired it will allow your site to make the users perform the desired action and behave just the way you want. In short it will not only govern the visitor flow but will also control the behavioral flow and pattern of the website users.

Other must-have features

To make your eCommerce site much more functional and comprehensive, you must also include a host of other features in it. Some of these most important eCommerce features are:

  • Capability of content management
  • Reporting tools
  • Search engine optimized layout, framework and code
  • Tools for promotion and discount codes
  • Easy-to-use checkout
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Integrated articles and blogs section
  • The ability to scale up with the specific platform used
  • Multiple payment options such as credit card, PO, PayPal, and more.

Ideally, your website should be an ideal one for custom projects as that will help in the SEO. Therefore, you will need to learn and implement the additional eCommerce features to i9nclude in your eCommerce website design page so that it helps in the SEO. These are:

  • Different categories and sub-categories
  • Catalog management
  • Search and sort feature
  • Easy navigating tools and buttons on the homepage
  • SEO elements and page URL perfectly set
  • Thumbnails and images
  • Manage brands and products.

All these features in your web design will help you to achieve your goals much more easily and ensure the success of the website. And if you want more infor about eCommerce themes, templates, modules… You will find all the info in our Blog eCommerce marketing section.

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Author Bio: Silvia Watson is a freelance content writer. She has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as technology, health, fashion, education, career, travel etc.

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