The Best PrestaShop Modules

Best PrestaShop Modules for your online store

Do you have a PrestaShop eCommerce and need help with searching for modules and with your eCommerce Ads? Look no further because we will showcase the best of the best!

You decided to finally create your own online store, you investigated which eCommerce software responds better to your needs, and you chose PrestaShop. Well done! And we wish you all the best with your new business! One of the first things you probably started doing is searching around PrestaShop’s marketplace for modules that will help you grow your business and make your life much easier. A little overwhelming evaluating all the options, right? That is a completely understandable feeling. In this post, we have selected some of the modules we consider essential for your PrestaShop eCommerce.

Ads on Google (Google Shopping + Dynamic Remarketing)


How will you manage to bring customers to your store in the first place? If your brand is not widely known and well established, then you might want to spend some time in order to answer this question. You shouldn’t expect that people will suddenly start looking to Google for your brand or even your products. Even if customers are searching for the products you are selling in general, it’s a hard competitive market out there and you can’t expect your online store to appear on the first results. The solution for that can be found in these two words: PPC and SEO. “Addons PrestaShop by Clever” is a PrestaShop module that will take care of the first one, PPC. To sum it up, by installing this PrestaShop module you will obtain Google Ads campaigns created and uploaded on Google Ads in no time. The campaigns will be created based on your products and categories of your store.

SEO Optimizer – Advanced SEO Expert


Now let’s examine the second “key” word regarding your store’s traffic, SEO. In order to establish a successful strategy you will need to combine both PPC and SEO in an effective manner. This PrestaShop module will take care of optimizing the SEO ranking of your online store in order to improve your organic search results when customers are looking for your products. The module will automatically setup Sitemaps, Robots.txt, URL redirection, Follow, Index, Keywords, Social Profiles and Metas for home, products & CMS pages. It is not free.

SEO optimization is a process that usually takes some time, but don’t get frustrated! Patience is always a virtue in the end! 

Store Reviews + Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets

Conversion rate

We all surely know the importance of reviews for an online store and for its products. If you want to build your customer’s trust, make sure to include verified reviews to your products. This PrestaShop module is offering your own system of verified reviews about your store and products. 

“This module allows you to give a chance to speak to your customers in order to know their opinion, to increase their trust thanks to the opinion of other customers and attract their attention more easily, especially with the Google Rich Snippets system that allows you to optimize the visibility of your products on Google.”

One Page Checkout PS (Easy, Fast & Intuitive)

Conversion rate

This PrestaShop module will help you simplify your sales process by making it more user-friendly which will eventually help you increase your conversions. Online stores are facing low conversion rates and cart abandonments in a lot of cases. The reason many times is due to an unfriendly sales process. With this module, you will be able to offer your customers a simplified process and the opportunity to complete their purchase on a single page.

“Now making a purchase will become an easy, friendly and simple process, where your customers can see the shipping costs if you need to register, a summary of the cart in which to modify the quantities without having to reload the page.”

Page Cache Ultimate Module

Navigation, Traffic

The slower your website loads, the more frequently your visitors will be leaving your store without buying anything. Keep that in mind, every additional second is costing you customers and sales. This PrestaShop module will help you reduce the loading time of your shop and it will help you provide to your site’s visitor easy and fast navigation.

To wrap everything up, PrestaShop offers you a wide range of plugins in order to improve and optimize your store.  We made a small list of the best PrestaShop modules that we consider worth having on your eCommerce. Let us know in the comment section what you think about them and if you end up trying any of them. Also, feel free to suggest more plugins below!


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