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How to do your Facebook Report for Marketing 

The Facebook Ads Manager will reflect how your advertising is achieving your business goals. Both Facebook and Instagram results will be shown in the Ads Manager. Check your campaigns dates and objectives, measure performance, or view in detail a specific ad or ad set, check your Facebook report! The main metrics you will need to constantly monitor are the number of impressions, CPC and CPA. 

There are more metrics that can help you understand your ads performance which will depend on your campaigns objectives. If your strategy is click oriented you will need to track Link Clicks, CTR, Social Clicks and Unique Link Clicks. If you look to improve engagement, take a closer look at your post engagement, share, comments, mentions or likes. For performance (apart from income and spend), check frequency and impressions.

If you are running ads for apps do not forget to track mobile app installs, actions, purchase in app or cost per install.

Create custom Facebook report

In the Facebook Ads Manager you will be able to create a custom column adding relevance score and frequency, and then you can add CPM under the cost category. Once these customs have been saved and applied, you can view your custom report.

Custom reports will allow you to select what metrics are more valuable for you and visualize them based on your needs. This flexibility allows you to control your main metrics and try A/B testing based on your results while exploring more strategies.

You can also use the compare feature to track metric changes on your reports over time.

Improving Facebook Ads results

There are several questions you must ask yourself in order to improve your Facebook Ads performance Based on your metrics, analytics or results you can figure out how to fix these issues and get optimal results.

Where are my leads going?

Remember to take your leads in the specific place you want them to land, and avoid extra steps or you will lose leads along the way. An extra step will result in more users that will drop. For example, if you are promoting your app, take leads to the app listing directly. If you take them to your website first, you are adding an extra step as users must click the link that takes them to the app listing page (android or iOS) in order to download the online advertising app.

Are my ads relevant?

Take into account what you are offering with your audience to have a good match. Facebook allows you to target different audiences in high detail, so make sure you are targeting the right users. For example, if you sell surfboards, target clients before and during the surfing season. You can even check your Relevance Score and improve it in the Ads Manager.

Is my ad banner standing out? 

Most content nowadays is online so you must drive attention to stand out. Make sure your images are relevant and match what you are advertising. Use bright images or images of people using your products or services. Do not forget to brand it either, as you will need to grow your brand awareness as well. It’s important to stay in the mind of the user. 

Also remember to A/B test different ad banners.

Tools for Facebook Ads reporting

Facebook Ads Manager

We have been reviewing how to report your campaigns using the Ads Manager. You will be able to access all of your ads information, track results and create specific reports for your more important campaigns based on your marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads App

The Facebook Ads Manager app is a different view of the Ads Manager for Facebook. You will be able to see your analytics results, real time results, and activate or deactivate ads

Clever Ads Mobile App

With our app you will be able to have a quick view of your main metrics for Facebook Ads and Instagram ads, as well as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Being able to compare your campaigns on different platforms can indicate where you are performing better and where you need to improve.

And, for finishing, if you are still having doubts about online advertising, here you can read about what it is digital advertising and why do you need it.


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