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What is Digital Advertising and Why You Need it?

Digital advertising is a set of online marketing efforts on social media, emailing, search engines and other websites to reach existing and potential customers.

Traditional marketing was focus in phone calls, advertising in magazines or newspapers and any other kind of print advertising. Digital marketing occurs online giving us multiple possibilities as mentioned: social media, emaling, mobile app ads manager… And much more!

Nowadays, any business offering products and services needs to use digital marketing to reach their audience and create brand awareness. Customers rely on a website or in social media to search and learn about different products and services before they make a decision. So we can say that in your marketing strategy being able to understand each channel and implementing right actions can make your business grow a lot. Let’s dive in the branch of digital advertising or paid traffic options you can choose and implement to have a successful digital marketing strategy.

These are some of the different ad choices Google Ads can offer to run your own strategy

Search Ads

Search Ads just like Social Ads follow the PPC (Pay Per Click) method to drive traffic to your site by paying publishers for users clicking your ad. Being able to be in the first position in Google can drive a huge amount of quality traffic

Dynamic Search Sds: are a great and easy way to find potential customers searching on Google for your specific product or service. Your campaigns are based on keywords related to your business and products that will show up in the first position by a bidding system for those potential users that are actively searching.

Remarketing Ads: are focused on showing ads to people who have already visited you before. So if a user has previously accessed your website this campaigns will start showing him again ads related to the content he viewed.

Shopping Ads

Promoting your products online in the Google Shopping section will boost traffic and conversions. If you own an eCommerce or you are any kind of retailer try this option and get qualified leads easily. 

Social Media Ads

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Twitter Ads are the most powerful social media ads platforms to reach your right audience. Show up when users are viewing profile, navigating or viewing stories. Remember that only running Google Ads or only running Instagram Ads it’s not usually the best strategy, try different channels to find your segment and what works better for you. 

Facebook Ads

A great option is you have a very good idea of your buyer persona. Being able to select different audiences based on their likes and not only keywords can pull infinite ways to show your ads to different targets and extract insights on what does your audience like, well, and getting some awareness and conversions in the way.

Instagram Ads

Make your ads interactive and create a snowball effect to reach potential customers. Ads can be created to be very engaging and users will even share or mention a friend in your post.

Twitter Ads

Is also an interactive way to reach users. Make them vote for an option or indicate their preferences in a tweet. 

Marketing automation

Marketing automation refers to any marketing process you have automate with a tool or software. Examples of marketing automation could be campaign tracking, email newsletters, scheduling social media posts or even lead nurturing. Besides from the previous mentioned, you can also automate online advertising or digital advertising. 

Clever Ads Mobile App

If you want to automate campaign reporting, tracking and creation for your online advertising, check out Clever Ads Mobile Ads manager app for Android and iOS

View your digital advertising trends, create your digital advertising campaigns in app with Google Ads. If you do not have an account create it as well.

Make the process more simple, understand key metrics and improve your digital marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns with Clever ads.



  1. As i am interested in digital marketing platform, as well as social media marketing, this brief discussion about types of ads will be beneficial for me. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

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