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What Will Be the Expected Spending & Gifts on Father’s Day 2024? 

Every year, Americans make a special effort to celebrate Father’s Day, and eCommerce and local retail stores keep up, offering a wide range of gifting options and creating new memories.

Based on the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual Father’s Day surveys and observing consumption trends, this post brings an updated perspective and analysis for 2024. These surveys have been a valuable source of information since 2003, providing interesting data for the marketing calendars of significant businesses for this date, whether physical or online.

Before we begin… Some general points:

  • Despite global challenges like the pandemic evolving, consumers’ desire to show their love on Father’s Day remains strong.
  • 77% of consumers are expected to celebrate Father’s Day.
  • 60% of people indicate that it’s likely a part of the Father’s Day 2024 celebrations will be held virtually.
  • The main gift categories remain personal care, home and garden tools, and appliances.


preferences and behaviors for father's day 2024 graph


If you own a business, it’s crucial to leverage this key date with seasonal campaigns, promotions, and any other creative initiative you can think of. The time is now!

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How will Americans celebrate Father’s Day in 2024?

Reflecting on historical spending, we anticipate that in 2024, about 76% of people will celebrate, keeping the participation rate stable. The expected average spending could increase to $160, with a total expected spending exceeding $20 billion, reflecting both inflation and the growing importance of this celebration.


Participation in father's day celebration 2024 graph


Spending/Celebration Demographics for Father’s Day 2024:

  • In recent years, we’ve seen that men tend to spend more on average than women for this occasion. This trend is expected to continue, with men spending on average $70 more than women.
  • Those in the age range of 35-44 remain the biggest spenders, followed by those aged 25-34.
  • Spending on Father’s Day tends to be quite uniform across the U.S., with slight regional variations.

Estimate spending in father's day 2024 graph


Gift Trends for Father’s Day 2024:

Trends indicate a growing preference for gifts that offer memorable experiences, along with a strong interest in sustainable products and supporting local businesses. Here is an updated list of the most popular gift categories, based on recent trends:

  • Personalized digital greeting cards.
  • Sustainable fashion clothing and accessories.
  • Unique experiences like cooking classes, outdoor adventures, or subscriptions to streaming services or online learning.
  • Gift cards for local stores or dining experiences.
  • Latest generation electronic gadgets, especially those that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Smart tools for home and garden.


father's day 2024 trending gifts infographic


Find Inspiration Depending on Your Target Audience

The NRF suggests that for 2024, consumers will look for gifts that are not only unique and original but also promote health, well-being, and community support. 25% of consumers will look for convenient gifts, while 45% will seek something unique. Moreover, 20% will prioritize economical but meaningful options.


Consumer gifts preferences father's day 2024 graph


Frequently Asked Questions about Father’s Day

How do the spending and celebration trends for Father’s Day 2024 compare with other major holidays of the year?

This question might be interesting in a more detailed comparison of spending on Father’s Day against other holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or year-end festivities, to better understand the value and relative importance consumers assign to each.

What specific strategies can local businesses adopt to capitalize on the increased interest in sustainable products and unique experiences?

Considering the focus on sustainability and unique experiences, it would be useful to provide concrete examples or case studies on how small businesses can adapt their offerings and marketing to attract consumers looking for these types of gifts.

How are the preferences of younger consumers (Gen Z) for Father’s Day evolving, and how can online and physical retailers adapt to these changes?

Since younger generations often lead the change in consumption trends and sustainability, it would be interesting to explore their specific preferences further and how their focus on authenticity, creativity, and brand values is shaping the Father’s Day gift market.

Bonus: Creative ideas and practical tips on how to celebrate Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day in a creative and practical way, consider organizing an activity that reflects their interests and hobbies. From an outdoor excursion, such as a hike or a day of fishing, to a learning experience, such as a cooking or craft workshop that you can enjoy together. Personalizing a gift with a sentimental touch, such as a family photo album or a book of homemade recipes, can also make the day special. The key is to make him or her feel appreciated and spend quality time together.

In summary…

Father’s Day 2024 promises to be a date of great significance, with a focus on quality, sustainability, and personal meaning. For businesses, it’s a golden opportunity to connect with their customers through campaigns and offers that resonate with these values. Plan ahead and make the most of this special celebration!

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