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Make your Display Ads have a Bigger Impact with our Banner Maker

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is likely why Google Display Ads have become so helpful for businesses. Contrary to standard Google Search Ads composed entirely of text, Display Ads let you introduce visuals to your ads, making them that much more effective. Visual aids, when properly designed, can significantly increase click-through rates and conversions, compared to standard Search Ads. Knowing this, how can we ensure that our Display Ads’ visual components will attract customers? The answer is fortunately really simple: Banner Maker! 

Benefits of Display Ads

Before looking into banner makers any further, let’s review the many benefits of Google Display Ads: 

Larger Audience Reach

The display network consists of over 2 million websites, so this greatly increases your adverts’ exposure. Your ads are not only shown to users who visit Google, they can reach people who have never done a Google search in their life. 

Cheaper Cost Per Clicks

Compared to the search network, the display network is usually much cheaper. This means you will not only reach more people, but do so spending significantly less! 

Visual Aids

We already covered this, but adding imagery to your ads can make them more effective. If you have visually appealing products, display ads are one of the best options for your brand. Quality images can often sell themselves and get people buying more from your store. 

Remarketing Ads

The display network enables you to take advantage of remarketing ads, which greatly increase your possibilities of converting customers to purchasing your products. With the help of Google’s technology, you can reach people who previously clicked on your ads, but didn’t end up making a purchase, so the CPC is no longer a waste of money. 

Banner Maker 101

Now that we understand why Display Ads can be so great for our business, let’s figure out how we can make the visuals as eye-catching as possible. With the help of Clever’s Banner Creator, it is very easy to have the best banners in town! 

  1. Effortless personalization
    If you are someone that wants to have complete control over your Google Display banners, but skip the heavy lifting, a Banner Maker is perfect for you! All you have to do is upload your own images and logo, create your ad copy and choose a call to action. The Banner Maker will do the rest for you! 
  2. Your AMP & HTML5 banners will be built in all the recommended Google Ads banner sizes 
  3. Have your banners uploaded directly to your Google Ads account or select to download them 

Benefits of Using a Banner Maker 

Build awareness

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, images can show so much about your brand! Show off what you have worked so hard for and build your brand’s awareness by doing so. People love to see images 

Save time

Building creative and high-performing Google Ads banners takes a lot of time and practice, so opting for a Banner Maker can save you so much precious time. No more writing copies, designing mockups, and figuring out creative elements, the automation software gets it all done for you. 

Drive sales

By ensuring that the Display banners you use are effective, you can better drive sales, earning you more money and loyal customers. Display Ads are less effective if you do not perfect your banners, but can be one of the best advertising tools if you ensure that the banners are great, which is exactly what a banner maker can do. 



Ultimately, a banner maker is a great way to ensure that your Display Ads are as effective as possible. If you run Display Ads with poor-quality banners, you are not achieving your potential.  Be sure to write to us at if you want to chat more about Google Ads and tricks you can implement to improve them, we’d love to hear from you! 

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