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Facebook Ads + Google Sheets – Your Ads Metrics Under Control!

How many times have you had to use Google Sheets for creating Facebook Ads reports and charts on your ads’ performance? 

Not too long ago, I was having a call with a colleague and I happened to share my screen to explain a process and my colleague was thrilled to find out that there is a section inside Google Sheets named Add-on where you can install various integrations. This was a huge discovery! Google Workspace Marketplace offers a wide range of add-ons to install to make your life a bit easier.

For all digital marketers that manage Facebook Ads, I know how often you have to create and share reports, make modifications, create charts, keep everything organized, turn them into presentations, and reach some conclusions. Our vision in Clever Ads since the beginning has been to facilitate the life of digital marketers. Now, specifically for Facebook Ads, we have launched our Add-on Google Sheets in order to make the whole process of creating Facebook Ads reports, easier, and fun! 

Keep reading to learn how to use the add-on and all of the benefits it offers for automatically generating your Facebook Ads reports in Google Sheets.

How to Use the Clever Ads Add-on

First, open up the Google Spreadsheet where you want to work on your smart reports. I personally start with a draft where I can always be free to edit, try, delete and re-write. 😅 

Look at the top for the section Add-ons, and click on it. Then, click on get add-ons in order to browse Google’s Workspace Marketplace. In the top search bar, you can type Clever Ads and install the add-on for Facebook Ads reports. Follow the process in order to connect your Facebook Advertising account, and once you have everything set up, you can ask for metrics reports directly on Google Sheets. Aside from Facebook Ads, you can also connect Google Ads and Microsoft Ads for generating metrics and graphs.

Once you click on the button to generate your metrics for Facebook Ads, the system will generate two new separate tabs. One will showcase the overall performance of your Facebook Ads account, and the other will have a campaign-level display. You will get columns for each important metric in order to make sure you won’t miss a thing. After the system has completed the process of metrics generation, you can proceed as you wish. Modify columns, customize the style, copy-paste tables, generate graphs, share reports, etc. – the sky’s the limit!

Benefits of Clever Ads Add-on

Generating your Facebook Ads reports directly on Google Sheets helps you avoid copying and pasting data. Your tables and charts can be generated automatically, saving you tons of time. Choose the Facebook Ads account you wish, select the date range, and just click on the button to generate comprehensive analytics.

You can now work with clean data that is ready for you to analyze. Make conclusions, see what is working well and what needs to be improved, share the clean data with colleagues, or even clients, make comments and transform the information into beautiful presentations. The whole process is simpler and faster.




Google Workspace’s Marketplace is offering a wide range of add-ons that can make your life easier. Nowadays, there is an integration for almost everything. When you’re a digital advertiser, you have to manage data from a lot of different advertising channels, various campaigns, numerous accounts, ad copies, metrics, and so on. For that reason, all the tools that make these tedious tasks of an advertiser easier, simpler and faster, are of greatest value!

It can be very easy to get lost in thousands of Facebook Ads camp

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