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Google Ad Extensions – The Definitive Guide

So you want to know more about Google Ad extensions. In this guide we will be reviewing this subject and diving into all the insights that accompany it. After reading this guide you will know what Google Ad extensions are, what their purpose is, and how you can benefit from them with an explanation of each type of extension. And don’t forget to follow always the best digital marketing practices!

What are Google Ad extensions?

An ad extension is a feature that can be used to provide extra business information while running ads with Google Ads. Ad extensions are free and you can add them with Google Ads by following these Google instructions

Ad extensions purpose

Using Google Ad extensions is key when running ads because you are able to provide extra information to increase engagement. Your CTR (click-through-rate) will also increase when using extensions. This means that ads with extensions are more likely to be clicked on than other ads.

Google Ad extensions types

Let’s review Google Ad extensions in detail to get a better understanding of which you could benefit from the most.

google extension

Location extension

This is important for any restaurant or business. These ad extensions are clickable and grow the size of your ads. It allows the location of your business to be just a click away, and with mobile phones it will provide directions for users to go straight there. Bear in mind that it can also show your rating and number of reviews.


adwords ad extensions location example

Affiliate location extension

If your products are sold by retailers you can use this extension to guide consumers straight to your product. They will then be choosing which retailer they will go to for the pick up of your product.

adwords ad extensions affiliate location

Pricing extensions

This extension gives more information about your products or services by showing the price. When clicking it, users will have access to that specific product or service in your webpage. Giving this extra set of information to your customers will prove to be very effective.

adwords ad extensions price

Promotion extensions

Are you running any discounts or promotions? The best way to spread the word is to add a promotion extension for potential customers to find your deals. This extension will include a price icon and a couple of lines where you can explain what the promotion is about.

headline example

Sitelink extensions

These extensions are used to link pages by themes related to the text. This means that if a consumer is looking to acquire an ATS (applicant tracking system) software, you will be able to use sitelink to make pricing or demos appear. Overall, this will increase engagement for your store.

adwords ad extensions sitelinks

Call extensions

This will show the phone number of your business, allowing customers to call your business phone. In addition, you will be able to track the call extension button.

adwords ad extensions call button

Message extensions

Give users the option to message you instead of calling. A lot of people prefer not to call right away, they feel more comfortable sending a message. Although, take into consideration that this option is only available on mobile devices.

mobile screenshot

App extensions

This is also only available for mobile devices. By using this extension, customers will be taken to the app store or the Google Play store depending on their device. 

adwords ad extensions apps

Callout extensions 

With callout extensions for Google Ads you can show features or services that you want users to see. Including this additional information makes users engage more with the ad. Google Ads callout extensions are the key if you want to showcase any feature or product that makes you unique. 

adwords ad extensions callouts

Ratings extension

Receiving a good amount of positive reviews? Use this extension to show your business rating to the world. This metric is a trustful indicator for consumers, so make sure you hit at least 4 stars before running it!

sellers ads ratings


Google ad extensions are very useful for any business, but depending on your business and its strategy, some may yield better results than others. For example, if you have developed a puzzle game app, you will want to use the app extensions. Furthermore, if you are a restaurant owner you must use location, call and message extensions. Use those that you think will be a good match for both your strategy and business in general. Still not sure? Here are a few success stories to get you inspired!


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