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Google Advertising Solutions – Take Everything under Control

Being able to optimize your Google Ads campaigns and get the most out of your marketing efforts can be very challenging, especially for beginners. We will be reviewing how to start your Google Ads campaigns with all the different Google advertising solutions available with Clever Ads. All you need to gather before getting started is 10 minutes with no distractions. If you are wondering how to advertise on Google Ads, start from the beginning of the post and pay close attention to each step to kick off your campaigns like a pro. If you have some knowledge or you are already a pro with Google Ads, take the opportunity to benefit from some of our Google advertising solutions. 

Starting Google Advertising Solutions with Clever Ads

Create a Google Ads account

The first step to start building your marketing strategy with Google Ads is to create an account. How does starting with a free Google Ads promo code for your first campaigns sound? 

You can create your account here to have your free Google Ads promo code activated. Check if you comply with the Google Requirements.

If you already have a Google Ads account created, but you comply with the Google requirements, apply the Promo code!

Plan your keyword strategy

Google Ads has different campaign types, but most of them are based on keywords. When building your webpage, social media posts and ads you need to understand what keywords match your business and which keywords have a higher search volume.

What are your most important keywords? Which of them are more relevant for your business? You will need hundreds of keywords, maybe even thousands, to get keywords that actually interest you. With our Keyword Planner, input keywords you have thought of, or if you have a website, input your URL to discover all the keywords you need. Discover keywords, manage lists, and upload the keywords to your Google Ads account directly. 

Create your first campaign

Creating Google Ads is a complex task that requires investing a lot of time on learning the basics. With our Google Ads Creator, save time creating your first campaign! Complete 5 steps with basic information about your business and your audience, and let our automation software build great campaigns for your business. You will always be able to modify them and create new ones based on what you need. If you are already running campaigns, create one with us and compare which one works best for you! That is how to advertise on Google with Clever Ads.

Translate your Ads

Translating your ads to different languages can be very beneficial, as you will be targeting potential clients in other countries using their native language. Select the campaigns you want to translate and the languages, then, apply a new budget for each translated campaign using Clever Ads Translator.

Create astounding banners

Good banners make the difference. Well built banners can increase your CTR, so think about what you want to show and communicate with your banner, and build it accordingly. Another Google advertising solution is Clever Ads Banner Creator, you will be able to create your own banners or have them automatically generated for your ads. 

Control, Manage and Improve your Ads

After creating your account, planning your keywords, creating ads, translating them and creating banners, you will be needing to control performance and improve your ads. If you already know how to advertise on Google, but you want to keep improving your campaigns, or just have them under control, check out our different google advertising solutions for reporting, auditing and improving your ads.

    • Clever Ads Manager: received different campaign results for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Microsoft Ads directly on your mobile phone. You’ll also get main metrics and results with personalized tips to improve your campaigns in the long run.

You are all set!

If you have just started Google Ads and can be considered a beginner, there is no better route to get you set up and on the right track. Benefit from all of these Google advertising solutions.

On the other hand, if you already came with some campaigns and ad sets, benefit from our other complementary solutions by improving the overall quality and reach of your campaigns. Try, compare, implement and repeat to reach full optimization!

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