Google gtag. What is it and Why do I need it?

Google has released a new global site tag

As you probably know, Google is obsessed with simplicity. A few months ago, Google began implementing Global Site Tag. Gtag is the newest way to track implement pixels without bothering your technical team too much 🙂

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What is Google gtag?

The new Global Site Tag (gtag) developed by Google, is an API and a JavaScript tag system that allows you to send event data to all Google products. Hence, this tag allows you to track your site visitors so that you can optimize your customer response rates. Through the use of web analytics, you can track conversions on Adwords and remarketing campaigns, for example. Before this Global Site Tag was implemented, there were different tags for Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The new Google gtag unifies them for simplifying and streamlining website tagging for all Google products.

Benefits of gtag

According to Google, “The Global Site Tag (gtag) provides a framework for streamlined web page tagging – giving you better control while making implementation easier. Using it lets you benefit from the latest tracking features and integrations as they become available”. The main benefit of using this new gtag is making the installation process and use of Google products easier than ever. Furthermore, it improves tracking on your site and contributes to obtaining better quality data on both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Another great advantage is that it reduces the loading time of your website, which can benefit both desktop users and mobile users.

Gtag for AdWords

On Google Adwords, gtag replaces the website conversion tracking tag and the remarketing tag. Prior to the implementation of this system for AdWords, the most common strategy was to insert three different tags. One tag for remarketing, and two more for dynamic remarketing and conversion tracking. However, the conversion tracking and remarketing functionalities are now combined into a single global site tag. Thus, the probability of pixel loading failures is reduced.

How “Clever Ads” powers up your gtag

As we told you before, through Google Ads by Clever Ads, gtag allows the implementation of exceptional automated features on Adwords, such as “Dynamic remarketing”, “Remarketing optimized list” and “Dynamic conversion values”. As a result, these features allow Clever’s campaigns to achieve higher conversion rates and more accurate information for optimal results.


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