Best eCommerce platforms for your business

How to choose the best eCommerce platform for your business website

The way eCommerce platforms business is done in 2019 is so much different than it was compared to 15 years ago. Basic principles of capitalism are still intact: businesses are looking to make a profit, but the tools and methods have changed. There are more opportunities for the little guy to actually make something of their business and fulfill their dreams. eCommerce has changed the game and made it so everyone is able to compete in an ever-crowded marketplace.

As expected, eCommerce platforms have grown exponentially, and the choices you have for a provider are staggering. This may seem overwhelming for a new entrepreneur trying to get their feet wet, but there is always help available. You must take your time and make sure you consider all the angles before choosing a platform. Every provider offers something different & your needs are going to be unique at the moment you start a business. You will have a number of different variables to consider, which are outlined below:

What can your eCommerce afford?

The first question you have to ask is how much your maximum monthly budget is going to be. How much can you afford with your current eCommerce platform? Every provider will charge you for using their service, and these charges can vary. Start by going over your finances to see where you stand on a monthly operating budget for your online platform. It’s best to not overextend yourself in the beginning, you can always upgrade to better services if you need them.

When initially purchasing your service provider, it is prudent to look around for discounts and deals to entice new members. If you can find a good deal it could really make that budget a little bit looser. Figure out roughly how much you can afford to spend, and use this as your starting point for shopping.

What does your business website need?

Once the budget is figured out, you can start thinking about your eCommerce platform provider. There are going to be many factors that help you decide on the type and scope of services you need. There are many providers that will specialize in certain industries, so it is a good idea to get into specifics. Some of the more specialized services can really give you a leg up when getting everything started.

How is the SEO and mobile service?

Here are two of the most important aspects of running a successful online business in the modern world. Search engine optimization (SEO) is exactly what it sounds like. It is the practice of setting up your website to appear further up in major search results. The best eCommerce platforms will have built-in tools to give you all the information you could ever need to get your optimization figured out. If people can’t find you on Google it’s going to be harder to get traffic to your store.

Mobile integration is a necessity these days. Just about every human on the planet has some form of smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet. This is the main way that people do just about everything and it is key that your new business keeps up with the times and has a very strong mobile presence. Make sure the provider you choose focuses enough on the mobile aspect to keep you relevant and reachable.

What tools and plugins are offered?

When you transfer or grow your business on the Internet, there is a variety of equipment you will need. This so-called equipment exists in the form of software, tools, and plugins that perform all of the difficult tasks that you would use different employees or departments for.

Some of the better hosts offer tools to help with your sales, accounting, inventory, traffic, etc. The right tools are going to make all of the information about your business much more accessible without causing you any extra work. For example, with Clever Ads you will have your PPC Google Ads campaigns created and optimized… for you and quickly too!

These tools and plugins can be essential for certain types of businesses, and not so important to others. It is all going to depend on the type of business you will be running on your eCommerce platform and where you want to take it. Get an idea of what your top choice providers are offering and compare it to what you would actually take advantage of for your business. You may be surprised at some of the tools available that you can use to make your business more efficient.


How is their security?

Security, especially when dealing with customer financial information, is of the utmost importance to your online store. You want to be able to keep your customers feeling safe and secure or they will not have any interest in shopping with you. There are too many people in the world looking to take advantage of vulnerable people and websites, so keep security as a top priority when conducting your search. Having that PCI badge at your checkout will give your customer confidence when they make their purchases.

How is their customer service?

While there are many important things to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform, you never want to forget about how you will be treated. Customer service can make or break a relationship with a company, so you must make sure the company you choose has a level of customer service suitable to you. A very easy way to check what customer service will be like is to use the Internet.

“There are thousands of review sites where real customers leave their opinions on various platforms. Take what you read with a grain of salt, but it should give you a very good idea at the standard of customer service you can expect to deal with.” — Olivia Trenton, Marketing Specialist at Best Essay writing service.

Choose your eCommerce platform carefully!

If you are venturing into the wide world of online business you need to tread carefully and pay attention to detail. There are so many different providers making it so you can easily get confused and misinterpret information or sign up for a service you don’t really need. As with most things in life, it is going to pay to do your research first. Evaluate your business and online needs thoroughly before you start comparing services, as this will help you narrow your search radius.

Finding the right eCommerce platform is going to give you major advantages to grow your business online and be successful. There have been countless rags to riches stories about online businesses and it’s time for you to get a piece of the action. As long as you’re honest with your business needs and ask the right questions you will have the best possible chance at success. An online presence is a must these days to stay alive in the business world and the right platform will rocket you ahead of your competition.

Remember that eCommerce platforms are growing and changing every day!

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