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Discover the Google Slack Tools You Can Combine!

Ever have a sense of clutter during your work day? Even if your desk might be in a very presentable fashion, the clutter comes from the online aspect when working off your computer. If you are someone who uses Slack during their work day, there may be a solution for you. A feature of the Slack app that is especially convenient to users is its ability to integrate with many useful Google tools, ultimately helping to eliminate that feeling of clutter. Some of these tools can make communication or the work you do more efficient. In this post, we will explain some of the tools that are available to you and the benefits associated with downloading them. 

5 integrations you can utilize in your workspace

Clever Google Ads

The Clever Google Ads Slack integration is built entirely on saving you time and money. For one, it allows you to focus energy on one tab and place at a time. With Clever Google Ads, you will be able to receive metrics and graphs specific to the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Along with this, you will be able to set reminders as to when you will receive said metrics. It’s a seamless process to set up this integration and the only question you’ll begin to ask yourself is why you haven’t gotten this earlier. 

Google Calendar for Team Events

When working in a team for various work projects, execution in efficiency and organization is of the utmost importance. Google Calendar for Team Events is here to assist you in completing your work as stress-free as possible. With this integration you’ll be able to organize your team with shared calendars, event reminders, and more! You will be able to map out your day from a 1:1 session with a coworker to crucial meetings with the rest of your team. Ever find yourself missing updates when an event is changed? This will ultimately eliminate that issue with updates and keep you on track.

Google Calendar

Is a calendar part of your everyday life? Do you feel completely lost without having your day-to-day tasks in a singular place to view? If so, the Google Calendar Slack integration might just be for you. This will allow you to transfer your calendar to slack and have everything you need without leaving the application. You will also be able to sync your calendar to your Slack status, showing your team when you’re in an important meeting. This ultimately makes your life easier, while also making the rest of your team on the same page as you. There are many functions to assist you with events that will only improve your organization at the workplace. These functions include notifications, updates, and the ability to respond directly when an event invitation has been sent to you.

Google+ Hangouts

It can be lonely work when buried into your computer during the workday. Luckily, there’s an integration to alleviate the feeling of this while keeping you connected with your coworkers. Google+ Hangouts will allow you to communicate with your team through instant messaging, voice calls, and even video calls. These hangouts can be used for a variety of different reasons too. You can make them into a professional environment to discuss important business matters, or something more casual. Maybe you could create a channel to discuss movies between you and coworkers, especially with the award season rapidly approaching. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this integration and the main goal is to keep you connected and cut out the feeling of loneliness.

Google Drive

If you are a user of other various Google products, you most likely use Google Drive or have at least heard of it. Connecting it to Slack is only helpful to you and your work life as well. You will be able to receive notifications, newly shared files, the ability to grant access to files, and much more all through your Slack channels. It can certainly become a hassle having to work with Google Drive through many different links or email accounts. With this integration, you can focus on more important business and easily utilize Google Drive.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these Google Slack app integrations. We hope that you’ve found a few that you would like to implement into your workplace, maybe even all of them. It’s understandable how busy a day can get, and we just hope to alleviate some of the stress related to those busy times. Best of luck in your future endeavors!


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