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Slack Integration for Google Ads – Your ad reports in-chat

As we like to say, with our integration for Slack for Google Ads, you will be saving enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much!

The truth is, we cannot hide our excitement and enthusiasm about our latest product launch. It’s a tool that we developed in order to continue to save our customer’s time and boost efficiency. Naturally, we were the first ones to test this tool in our everyday lives, and connecting Google Ads with Slack has only made our lives easier. That’s why we thought we should share our tool with the rest of the world! Let’s get started with the basics. 

What is Slack?

If you’re unfamiliar with what Slack is, here is a small paragraph that will help give a general understanding of what we are talking about:

“Slack is a collaboration hub that can replace email to help you and your team work together seamlessly. It’s designed to support the way people naturally work together, so you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face.”

Now you have an idea of what it is, a software meant to facilitate your life and of your teammates at work. On top of that, you are able to add applications in order to help you stay productive, organized, and efficient! In a few words, Slack is designed in a way that makes it possible to do anything without having to leave your Slack workspace.

Slack and Google Ads

If you are using Slack at your company and also using Google Ads, there is a solution for you to be able to connect these two platforms. If you’re using Google Ads you are quite familiar with the amount of time you put aside to check the performance of your campaigns. Maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes important tasks might get pushed aside due to the time that the Google Ads interface requires. 

In our company, we use Google Ads on a daily basis so we were facing this problem. We needed to share metrics, graphs, and the performance of campaigns with our team all the time. Due to the fact that we were already utilizing Slack, the idea came to pair the two together. Our vision was to make it possible to track the performance of our campaigns through Slack, without having to leave our favorite tool of communication. The value Clever Ads brings here is simple: save time and improve productivity. This bot will make it so it’s possible to track the progress of campaigns with metrics, graphs, and summaries directly on Slack chat. As we like to say, you’ll save enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much.

What features does the Slack integration for Google Ads offer?

Metrics & Graphs

You can ask your Slack bot for the summary of metrics and graphs regarding the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. You can then share the results with your teammates or your marketing Slack channel.


You can schedule to receive reports of your campaign performance daily or weekly on Slack. You can configure and customize the metrics that you want your reports to include. One of the latest features now is also letting you choose your Google Ads account and there will be a beautifully created PDF report once a month for you to download, with insights, performance metrics, etc.


On your personal dashboard, you will be able to configure your own custom alerts based on your KPIs, and when your thresholds are met you will get notified. You can also schedule to get notified when there is a broken URL included in your ads. Like this, you always have everything under control and you can stop worrying about spending your budget on ads that lead to error landing pages.


By using our tips command, you are able to ask your bot for tips regarding the optimization of your Google Ads account performance. The bot will be able to suggest things like adding a different type of campaign, adjusting the campaign budget, or modifying the campaign target.

Benefits of using our Slack integration for Google Ads

All in all, this Slack integration will help you save time and better organize your day-to-day tasks. By connecting Google Ads with Slack you won’t have to access Google Ads’ interface every day and you can see and share the metrics and graphs of your campaign performances directly on Slack. 

Scheduling your reports and alerts to receive in Slack channels can be extremely convenient as you can discuss with the rest of the team instantly, evaluate and take decisions on how to move on with your Google Ads strategy.

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