halloween advertising strategy

Halloween advertising strategy – Spooktacular campaigns!

What do you get when you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter? A pumpkin pi!  Check these Halloween advertising strategy ideas!

It’s that time of the year again. Let the pumpkin carving commence, the creepy crawlers seep in and get your best screams ready as Halloween is right around the corner!

Whether you indulge in Halloween just for the free candy or to get a good scare, this particular holiday is undeniably one of the most lucrative; spearheading the tail-end holiday season of the year. Although the way people celebrate Halloween may have slightly changed during the last 3 years due to the coronavirus, there are many different ways for you to adapt and groom your Halloween marketing strategy accordingly.

What makes this time of year so special for online advertising?

Halloween is yet another opportunity for brands to connect and engage with customers and make a lasting impression to strengthen brand recall. How can you find the best strategy to increase sales, drive traffic and connect with your audience? Here are a few ideas to create some spook-tacular campaigns for your online store this season!

Do a Halloween-themed raffle or giveaway

What makes Halloween so special is that there is no limit to the number of themes you could choose from: be it horror, humor, costumes, candy or pumpkins. You’re sure to find the right one that could suit your products or brand the most. The creative possibilities are endless. Furthermore, you could also create special and themed offers or discounts for your current and potential customers. By highlighting different offers with Halloween visuals and creativities for a limited period of time (for example: a two-day super sale), you can push prospective customers to buy quicker on impulse due to the specified timeframe and limited stock of certain products. Another example would be to have limited edition products. This is similar to what fast food chains do and pushes customers to generate and share content online to show their special purchases. This way, they help your business advertise these promotions online and get the word out to more potential customers.

Spookify your website and social media profiles

Adapt your online presence to the Halloween season by giving your logo a Halloween twist or aligning themes with your brand through horror, humor, wit, innovation and creativity. For example, add a little spook to website interaction or tweak product names and packaging to go with certain themes. You could change colors to black and orange, use punny Halloween names or decorate with skeletons, ghosts and pumpkins. This could create a notable increase in social media following and online engagement with potential and returning customers. Moreover, ensure an additional form of engagement by leading people from social media to your website to see or interact with content that they can solely access through your website.

Focus on user-generated content

The range of opportunities in this type of content goes as far as your customer’s imagination. One way to take advantage of it is to create a challenge that gets your audience to bring out their creativity, increase engagement with your brand and proudly share their content online for everyone in their network to see and possibly take part in as well.

Retarget your ads with a twist and give your email marketing a horrifying makeover

For paid online marketing and inbound marketing, it is important to keep your brand in front of churned traffic after they bounce from your website. Using retargeting helps companies reach almost 98% of users who don’t convert at the onset. Take the opportunity to “haunt” your customers with creative and special Halloween retargeting ads and emails.

Take advantage of nostalgic marketing

As Halloween is the first big holiday at the tail-end of the year, you can play up people’s emotions during this season. Take consumers back to their childhood and get them to recall their most joyful experiences during the past years. With nostalgia marketing, you can evoke positive emotions/feelings from your audience, display your products and brand for them to associate with and generate revenue. Older audiences will appreciate the memories sparked and younger audiences get to enjoy and create new ones.

Keep these tips in mind and get ready for a spooktacular Halloween season for your online store. If you don’t know where to start or need additional help in creating banners and seasonal marketing campaigns, remember that the Clever team is here to help guide you through it and help you save time!


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