How to Generate Leads in Sales

Boost store sales – Generate Leads in Sales!

Knowing how to generate leads in sales is essential to improving the success of your eCommerce. However, while it is important, it’s not necessarily easy. That is why we have laid out some tips on how to get sales leads and advertise like a pro! Don´t forget, after read this post, visit our web and learn a lot more about eCommerce & Google Ads!

Know your target audience

Knowing who is interested in your products is an important part of generating leads in sales. If you know the customer group you would like to target, you can make your ads more attractive to your customers by tailoring your marketing campaigns to their preferences. This will increase the potential of catching a customer’s eye and generating quality traffic.

One effective way to streamline this process is through the use of marketing automation CRM. By leveraging marketing automation CRM, you can efficiently manage and automate your marketing campaigns, ensuring that the right messages are delivered to the right audience at the right time. This can significantly improve lead generation and enhance the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Another way is to invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription plans. The tool allows you to easily find your potential audience and understand where they’re located, what industry they’re involved in, and other valuable data. If you’re in the B2B space, it also provides insights into companies such as recent developments and news

Do some research on the demographics, preferences, and lifestyles of your customers. Get to know them so they will get to know you!

Use specific landing pages for product categories

If you are conducting ad campaigns for things your company offers, create a landing page that your customer will be directed to after clicking on your ad. Designing a landing page for specific products or services that your store offers makes it easy to direct your customer to the things they desire! Landing pages are a great way to generate sales leads because it makes visiting your store convenient for your client.

If you make things too general for a customer, they might get overwhelmed and decide to leave your site. Landing pages are also great to use for special holidays and events that people online might be shopping for. For example, if Halloween is coming up, design a landing page titled, “Shop Halloween”. This way if a customer is searching for Halloween products, they can be directed to your landing page designed specifically for your store’s Halloween items!

But how do we get them there? The key is to design and build a generation funnel using emails, social media, as well as Google, Microsoft and Social ads. This doesn’t come easy, nor does it come cheap. Below you’ll find a few tips to help get you started.

Interact with your customers

Use email campaigns and social media to interact with your customers! It is important to do this so you stay present in their lives so they are reminded to come back to your store. Use email campaigns to send out newsletters, sales discounts, special offers, and information on new products or services, just to name a few. Sending emails also puts your company in clients’ heads. Even if they aren’t interested in what you send out that day, they will still see that you emailed them, which is a small, but effective reminder! Social media is also something that is essential for your store to keep up with.

In today’s world, more and more people are using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. People spend a lot of time on these platforms, so should your company! Make an account for your company and start following potential clients to get on their radar. Make your page aesthetically pleasing to make your company attractive and professional for customers to look at. Post your products and offer links to shop them. Create social media ad campaigns that customers will see when scrolling through their feed.


The possibilities are endless! And now… next step, get the ultimate guide about how to create Google Ads in the blink of an eye!

Have you familiarized yourself with the PMAX campaigns from Google and Microsoft? They’re quite noteworthy and not to be overlooked!

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