5 Advanced Marketing Automation Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Conversions

Boost your Conversions through Marketing Automation Campaigns

Long ago, owners of brick-and-mortar stores figured out that if a customer came into the store looking for a dress, they were more likely to make a sale by showing her a rack of dresses as opposed to a collection of winter coats. Using generic marketing automation for your eCommerce is the online equivalent of showing customers a collection of winter coats regardless of when or why they come to your store. Advanced marketing automation campaigns give you the ability to show the right products and services to the right customers at the right time!

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What makes marketing automation campaigns vital for eCommerce?

Today’s consumer has a short attention span (and interest span). This is especially true for email marketing; when an average consumer spends less than 3 seconds deciding whether an email will get read or not. This is further exasperated by the ever-growing number of email newsletter retail brands are sending every day. So should you give up marketing via email as eCommerce? Not quite so!

Despite ever competitive inbox space, email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for eCommerce, especially during special occasions. ContactPigeon compared sales made on Valentine’s Day 2017 with Valentine’s Day 2018. There was a 17% higher sales rate from email marketing from 2016. This trend is also observed for Black Friday 2017 when compared to prior year.

The differentiator?

The more personalized the marketing message, the greater the chance you will catch the eye of the person scrolling through their inbox. “Personalized” doesn’t stop at adding the recipient’s name to the subject line. A truly personalized marketing campaign is tailored to the consumer by evaluating browsing history, the initial trigger, and the individual’s purchase patterns.

Automation campaigns are a wise way to spend marketing budget; especially for small and mid-sized businesses. That’s because it gives you a way to generate personalized messages at scale. These campaigns see a 14.5% increase in sales productivity. Hence, the cost is low, the return on investment is high.

Using marketing automation campaign tool to manage your communication lets you harness the power of eCommerce email marketing around the clock. Once you set up the campaign’s parameters, the automated emails will start working for you; while you are taking care of the other responsibilities you have as a business owner. It’s like being in two places at once.

5 Advanced Email Automation Campaigns to Try

In the past, email automation has been limited to periodic newsletters, flash sales, and generic drip campaigns. You can boost your eCommerce conversions by using these five advanced marketing automation campaigns.

Email Automation: #1: Content-based Workflow

Not everyone comes to your online store for the same reason. Creating different workflows for the different interests your consumers have will deliver a highly personalized experience to your audience. Which eventually will result in more conversions.

★ Tip from Top Sellers: A big mistake marketers make when it comes to content-based workflow is to freely give out content but never do any hard selling. The end of the workflow is your chance to ask the consumer to make a purchase. If your workflow has connected with the needs and wants of the email recipient, they will be ready to make a purchase.

Email Automation: #2: Personalized Exit Intent Workflow

An exit intent workflow begins when your website visitor is making a move to leave your site. The automated email workflows trigger an invitation for visitors to stay in contact with your brand. Most often this is a pop-up window that asks for an email address in exchange for offers, coupons, or freebies. To see some great marketing automation campaign examples of exit intent workflows in action, check out the best Shopify stores of 2017.

★ Tip from Top Sellers: Instead of setting up a generic pop up, try to serve the most relevant offer possible based on the category of product the visitor viewed on your eCommerce website. Go a step further and serve an offer from the most popular subcategory he visited based on his browsing track record. This targeted strategy will be instantly more relevant and thus more effective.

Email Automation: #3: Repurchase reminder workflow

Shops who sell consumables find repurchase reminders highly effective. Your repurchase reminder email will be a welcome sight; since you have saved them from running out of their favorite face wash or their pet’s special food. The next time your email lands in the customer’s inbox, they will remember the relief they felt when he received the reminder.

★ Tip from Top Sellers: In order to set up an effective repurchase reminder you need to know three things: the product purchased, the average time between purchases, and the best way to craft the email message. Even if you have never done so before, you can follow the step by step instructions to create your own repurchase reminders.  

Email Automation: #4: The Classic “Birthday” workflow

It may be the “grandpa” in terms of email workflows, but it still works for one main reason. We all feel special on our birthday and we remember anyone who gave us a gift. Setting up a workflow based on customer’s browsing or purchasing track record can help you come up with a surprise gift for maximum results. If you don’t have the customer’s birthday information, an anniversary celebration email is a great alternative.

★ Tip from Top Sellers: Test the birthday automated marketing campaign on the VIPs to see if it works for your particular audience and then scale this tactic up to increase the number of conversions.

Email Automation: #5: Referral-based workflow

You could offer an optimal personalized experience by creating a different landing page for every major pay-per-click campaign you run. When the landing page and subsequent workflow directly relate to the ad, there will be a natural flow of conversation between you and the customer.

★ Tip from Top Sellers: Include an exclusive coupon or freebie for each workflow and see your conversion rates grow.

Marketing automation revolutionizes eCommerce

For attracting the consumer’s attention, (and eventually his wallet too!) you have to experiment and evolve your marketing strategies. Marketing automation campaigns provide all the state-of-art tactics to truly personalize your marketing and turn your visitor into a loyal customer. Even a small to medium sized eShop can adopt this technology and compete with giants, stealing a remarkable market share!

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About the Author:

Joyce Qian, Director of Marketing & Growth at ContactPigeon, all-in-one marketing automation tool build to skyrocket eCommerce results. Joyce writes frequently about eCommerce marketing ideas and trends on the ContactPigeon Blog.

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  1. I own a startup and yes I have used this with EasySendy and saw great results. Marketing automation campaigns provide all the state-of-art tactics to truly personalize your marketing and turn your visitor into a loyal customer. I turned a number of first -time visitors into customers with the help of EasySendy.I was able to re-engage email subscribers who did not open my last campaign, hence it helped to increase the engagement level. I started to grow my visitor’s list. Cheers!

  2. One more way to boost e-commerce conversions is by sending personalized web push notifications to a target customer . This helps the customer feel more valued. Also enhances the brand image as well.

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