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5 ways to improve your text ads’ Quality Score

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Quality Score before. However, it is a very important metric and you should understand it very well in order to improve it. Why is it so important? Basically because by improving the quality score of your ads you can improve your Google Ads ranking.

In this image you can better understand what kind of influence the Quality Score has on the position of your ads on Google Ads:

what affects my position

You should not obsess about Quality Score since it is not the only thing Google takes into account. But you should pay attention to it. Having good quality ads will help you improve your ad ranking while lowering the minimum ad ranking, i.e. the minimum bid you need for your ad to be shown. 

Here are 5 ways to improve the Quality Score of your ads in a very easy way: 

Use the appropriate landing page.

It sounds obvious, but many times users are not redirected to the right landing page. If you create ads with very specific keywords, users must be redirected to specific pages; for example, to a particular product. That is why it is important that you think about the URLs you want to include in each ad.

Imagine that you have an ad promoting the cheapest sandals in your catalog. The logical thing is that the user accesses the web where all the available sandals are shown, not a page where all the shoe categories are shown. The user is only interested in sandals, not in other types of shoes. 

And of course, it creates attractive landing pages where testimonials, benefits, solutions are shown and there is enough call to action to transform users into customers. 

Improve the relevance of your ads using a data feed

A data feed is a file where all the information from your online product catalog is collected. This feed is collected directly from your online store. By using the data from your feed (and hence from your online shop) in your text ads, you consequently improve the relevance of your ads since these ads contain information that can be found on the landing pages. 

To be able to use feeds when configuring your ads you can use a SEM tool such as Channable, which allows you to generate hundreds of campaigns and ads for Google Ads automatically using the dynamic information from the feed. 

We recommend that you use the following fields of the feed in your text ads: sizes, colors, availability, prices and brand. You can enter these fields into a simple template that will allow you to create thousands of ads for Google Ads:

quality score google fields

Keep different device types in mind

Is your online store responsive and can users access it from different devices? Nowadays many of the searches online are made with mobile phones so it is important your website is compatible with these devices.

Use more keywords

There are different tools that allow you to find relevant keywords for your sector. In addition to Google’s keyword planner, Clever Ads Keyword Planner or keywordtool.io can also help you identify search terms related to the keywords you are currently using. 

Another site where you can find numerous keywords may be your own data feed. Fields such as title, brand, or product category can be the perfect source for extracting keywords. And if you also combine fields like brand and product category, you will be able to create hundreds of long tail keywords in a couple of clicks:

And don’t forget to add these keywords in the title, description and URL of your text ad!

Highlight your ads with extensions

Using price extensions or site links can be the best way to increase the visibility of your ads and therefore, increasing the click rate. With these extensions you will make your text ads stand out from the competition by taking up more space. This way, users will be more willing to click on your ads. 

Setting up these extensions does not imply any extra cost since a click on an extension costs the same as a click on the ad. And you will also get additional information about where you get the most clicks, i.e. what users find most interesting in the ad. 

We hope that the Quality Score stops being an enigma for you after reading this blog post. It is another variable within the equation, where other factors such as the historical performance of your ads and bids are also important. The key to success is to optimize your ads based on their performance. That’s why you can’t stop evaluating the figures that Google Ads offers you and can’t afford to stop figuring things out via trial and error!


author pic judit escuderoJudit Escudero is passionate about eCommerce and online marketing. She works as a SEA specialist at Channable, a marketing automation tool that allows for the creation of 1000s of dynamic text ads based on eCommerce product feeds.

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