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Create Amazing Banners With This Banner Ad Design Guide!

The banner ad design materia is an essential part of any online store, with the ability to attract many potential customers.

A creative and intuitive banner ad design can impact and increase the customer’s desire to explore store pages and buy your products.

With that in mind, here are 6 tips to help you create outstanding banners for your business.

Formatting & size

Before you start creating your banner, you need to know what dimensions you’re working with. There are several sizes that can be used, and you will need to account for what the user will be able to see on their computer or through their mobile phone. This detail is basic but carries great importance for the customer especially. It will also set up the foundation of your banner, allowing you to excel in the next steps involved.


Once you have the final image of the banner idealized in your mind, you should look for images with a good resolution and free of copyright. Having an image with good resolution is related to the fact that your banners will be displayed on monitors of different sizes. An image of poor quality will make your banner look unprofessional.

To find copyright-free images with good quality, conduct a search on Google and you should find several free image banks. When choosing the image, you should also take into account the dimensions and format of the banner (ex. vertical or horizontal), so that the chosen images fit perfectly.Reference template

Once you have the dimensions and images that you want to apply to the banner, it’s time to think about how you will combine the different elements. It’s a good idea to look for inspiration through other templates in order to find reference models which will guide you in the combination of your content. You can even try creating your template on our banner maker, which would not be a regrettable decision either. 


Your banner should have a small amount of text, not too many elements, and the typography should be simple but impressive. By using very elaborate fonts it may make it difficult for the customer to read.

With short phrases and calls to action, your banner’s perception will be quick and effective.

If you think there is a lot of white space in your banner, you can use small geometric shapes and patterns that disguise the white and help to reinforce your visual proposal.


You should implement the colors of your eCommerce in the elements of your banner. Try to contrast the color of the text with the background and look for appealing tones that match the colors of your business in order to apply some highlights. Don’t overload the image with tones that differentiate too much from the rest, as this could attract attention in an uncomfortable and unprofessional way. When in doubt keep in mind: less is more!

Types of fonts

The choice of font may seem insignificant, but in reality it has a huge visual impact on your banner. You should test various combinations of fonts and choose the one that best harmonizes the image. The idea is to choose a more striking font for the title of your banner and a softer one for the second text. The most common example of a font for a banner is the Times New Roman font. Other popular choices used in graphic design are Bodoni, Garamond and Trajan.

If you are still having trouble creating a banner, we have a solution with our easy online banner creation tool, Clever Ads Banner Creator.


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