Why Quality Traffic is so Important to your Store & how to Increase It

Traffic = Gaining Exposure & Increasing Conversions

Every ecommerce owner wants to bring traffic to their store. However, what most business owners  don’t realize is how much more important the quality of your traffic is, as opposed to the quantity.

For example, if you own a cosmetics company with a focus on women’s beauty products, would you want the majority of your advertisements to be targeted to men or women?

Odds are, it would be more profitable to mainly focus on bringing in female traffic. Thus, more quality traffic would be potential female customers in the market for cosmetic products.

Why is Quality Traffic Important?

Would you rather have thousands of visitors on your website every day making little conversions and high costs per click? Or, would you rather have slightly less visitors with high conversions?

I think the choice is quite clear.

The bottom line is that although a lot of traffic can be a good thing, an even better thing is to have high conversions – which is what quality traffic leads to.

Another benefit of developing more high-quality traffic is a decrease in your bounce rate – also known as the number of visitors who land on your page and immediately leave.

By directing traffic towards potential consumers who are proven to be more interested in your products, the likelihood of them spending more time on your page multiplies!

Now that we understand why it’s so important to direct quality traffic to your web page, how do we do that?

How to Bring Quality Traffic to your Store?

Performing a customer analysis of your target audience will help you determine who your potential customers may be. From there, you will be able to detect the most common behaviors of these promising customers.

What demographic are you looking for? Men or women? Which age group? Which tax bracket?

These are all factors to consider when attempting to deliver high quality traffic to your business.

After developing your customer profile, you will know exactly where your potential customer is, and the most effective methods to use in order to bring him to your store. You can also decide which keywords to select in order to attract your desired audience.

Although broader keywords will get your webpage more clicks, they are usually low-quality clicks and end up costing you more money per click because you won’t have as many conversions.

  • Long-tail keywords are more specific, giving you fewer, but higher quality exposure/clicks – ultimately leading to high conversions with lower costs!
  • A good trick to know is that oftentimes you can search your competitors keywords and use them to your advantage. See which keywords work for them, and which are more costly. This research method allows you to maximize your profit potential.

So, bringing in heavy traffic to your eCommerce is awesome, it is more awesome, to bring in quality traffic that allows you to minimize costs while maximizing conversions!

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