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Colors and Marketing: all You Need to Know about Color Psychology

Social Networking has become the only way in which people can interact without risking anyone’s life during the uncertainties of COVID-19, and photography has impacted the social networks since the beginning because it allows people as well as businesses to show, in an image, not only themselves but what they want to show to the rest of the world. Read all this info about colors and digital marketing

Steps to Choose a Company Color based on Colors and Marketing Relationship

Define your brand.

Depending on the brand’s intentions, first a brand must explain to a photographer or graphic designer what profile describes future customers. For example, the French telephone company, Orange, uses this color not only due to its company, but also the actual color because it provokes a sense of happiness, youthfulness, and productivity.

Know how to target clientele

Color psychology plays an important role in targeting your future customers. The color that are used to represent a brand subconsciously attract a certain type of customer. Colors and advertising go hand in hand, for instance, brands that use red and black together give a daring, bold statement that embodies the sense of freshness; it also leaves a dominant impression. Blue on the other hand, creates a sense of stability and makes the customer feel at ease as it has a calming effect. If you need help with your ads, you can use our Banner Creator. 

Continue to give a uniform look not just to your logo, but your photos, too

Each photograph posted on social media tells a story about what is going on at the moment it was taken and at the moment it is shared. Nobody posts something they do not want to transmit to their audience, so having the perfect picture and telling the story behind it is crucial.

Composition is just as important as the light in a photo. Knowledge of the Golden Ratio can make or break a picture posted on social media because it is seen as natural by customers as the Golden Ratio is found in nature; therefore, the secret to psychology of color in marketing and branding is found in the natural world.

This takes skill and practice, but don’t worry, eventually you get the hang of it. For example, all restaurants want to show that their food is tasty, healthy, etc. but must achieve this through a picture that tells the customer that; if the image fails, a purchase will not be made. Another example is that everyone wants to get the perfect picture of themselves to post as his or her profile picture on social media; that perfect picture changes depending on which social network he or she is uploading to. In many cases the profile picture differs between Facebook and LinkedIn and the same goes for the content. You wouldn’t post of a photo of you at a coffee shop on LinkedIn, now wouldn’t you? Unless that is, you’re the best barista in town.

To differentiate the mood and the story telling of each picture we have to think about the light that is exposed in our images because light is the most important aspect of every picture and with it comes color psychology. In a photograph, each color represents something which can be useful for marketing and branding purposes. Here is a general outline:

  • Orange: the color of optimism, creativity, happiness and success
  • Red: passion, violence, seduction, power
  • Blue: stability, trust, rationality
  • Yellow: harmony, wisdom, agility
  • Green: nature, fertility, growth
  • Purple: Imagination
  • Black: luxury, secrets, mystery
  • White: pure, innocence, wholeness, completion

These connotations are detected by our brains as they have been accustomed to recognize these colors with such meanings behind them through human history. Meaning that at a subconscious level, our brains recognize these colors as such. So, color is one of the most important parts of what we stand for, not only as individuals, but also as a group – or maybe a business. So, it is important during the life of a business or company to share the feeling of themselves in the colors of their logo, of their online publications, in their photos because the colors and advertising must represent what the business wants to convey in the background.


Personally, I think understanding color psychology and of photography for social media and how it can affect the appearance of a business or an individual person, is one of the most important aspects not only for marketing, but also for what you would like to represent as an individual or institution. This knowledge helps business companies target their social market and to show themselves as they want to be seen, and it helps more than we think.


Especially now amid COVID-19, we take for granted that this is a powerful, useful tool because it is the only way that businesses can truly express themselves via social media posts and profile “pics.”

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Andrés is a freelance photographer, currently studying at Workshop Experience in Madrid, Spain. In his free time, Andrés enjoys swimming, hiking, working out, and working on projects for product photography. 


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