6 Killer Shopify Advertising Tips

Shopify Advertising: 6 killer tips you need to know

Are you planning to start an eCommerce with Shopify? Then this post will be of interest to you. Read through the tips and techniques to get where you need to be and push your Shopify Advertising!

“How do I attract customers?” is one of the most common questions among those starting a new business. You already have your Shopify online store with some products, but all you want is to see some traffic flowing through your store!! 

When starting from scratch, it’s really difficult to find the first clients that actually make a purchase. It’s easy to become frustrated with the process. To help alleviate this, we present you with 6 killer tricks to speed things up and sell your first products on Shopify:

Pump a little money into Google advertising

This is the fastest way to bring traffic to your site. Most of the techniques we are going to describe in this post are effective but take some time, however, this will certainly bring you the fastest results. 

Google ads are highly effective if well-done and won’t take you much time if you use one of the Shopify apps that create them automatically for you, like Shopify Ads by Clever Ads for Shopify. With Google Ads you will be able to target potential clients based on their Google searches, location, age and personal interests. This is the best way to get your products in front of your target customers in a fast way precisely when they’re searching for them!

It’s recommended that you start experimenting with a small amount of money at first. Then once your Google Ads campaigns start to optimize and give better results, start increasing your advertising investment.

And… Are you acquainted with the PMAX campaigns conducted by Google and Microsoft? They’re definitely worth checking out!

Befriend Instagram audiences

Having an all-around social media presence is great for creating your own audience and starting a community around your customers. At the same time, if you’re just getting started with your eCommerce, Instagram and TikTok are now the “winning horse” to bid on. 

This is because Instagram and TikTok’ communities are the most active, engaged and responsive compared to other social media networks. Also, other social networks won’t allow you to reach your full audience without having to pay for it sooner or later.

With Instagram and TikTok you can reach large audiences and use features to your benefit like “buy now” buttons next to your posts for getting those impulsive purchases right from the Instagram platform. Instagram is the perfect social network for eCommerce owners!

Try posting stunning images of your products and start interacting with these social media networks followers in your niche to grow your following.

Collaborate with Influencers in your niche

Marketing actions related to social media and blogging can feel useless when you have a small audience. It’s difficult to know when to start promoting your Shopify online store, but collaborating with influencers is a good option to start with. These individuals have a huge amount of followers on social media, and they’re especially “influential” (hence its name) on trendy social networks like Instagram or TikTok.

Appearing on one of their posts or stories can send a huge flood of traffic to your website or social media profile. This flood could then constitute your initial audience. When doing so you have to make sure those influencers fit well with your products and that their followers would be interested in them. It’s always best to conduct thorough research before contacting anyone. 

Also take into account that most influencers won’t collaborate with you for free. Some of them will accept samples of your products in exchange and some others will ask you for monetary compensation. For example, influencers with more than a million followers may ask you for thousands of dollars. 

Send regular email newsletters to your email lists

Once you have established a customer base, and acquisition goes well, it’s time to think of methods of retention. Some of the best ways to remind a client to come back to your store and repeat a purchase is email marketing. How about sending a newsletter, for example? 

Start collecting email addresses on your site from anyone that purchases on your Shopify online store. Separately, add a signup form to the newsletter for people that visit your store but don’t necessarily make a purchase. Maybe they’re not quite ready to make a purchase, but you can convince them through an email to do it later!

Create your own Shopify blog

Create your Shopify blog and start writing content related to your products or services. Tons of people buy products due to blogs, and this content is increasingly gaining power in terms of converting at online stores. Stores that blog get 97% more inbound links, which is a must for improving your Shopify online store ranking on Google.

You can start by writing one post per week about product reviews, must-buy products, or any other thing that responds to your potential client needs.

Promos & discounts

We all love a good promotion! Discounts work well because customers get a sense of urgency and they don’t want to miss the sale. It’s a good tactic for capturing the customers that weren’t ready to buy from you. 

You can use Shopify’s advertising apps to promote your discount and attract even more people. 


Shopify is the best way to kickstart your dream of running an online store into reality. As an all-in-one web-based platform, it allows you run your own online store in a few steps and with a low investment. The problem now is not to set up your store but to attract clients that purchase and make your Shopify online store profitable. 

We hope with the killer tips we gave you in this post, you are ready to succeed selling your products online on Shopify! Did you find them useful? 


6 Killer Shopify advertising tips

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