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These Slack Apps Will Make Your Life That Much Easier

Clever has created a Clever Slack integration, which will only help to improve productivity and ease of living. Time is money!

What exactly is Slack?

The word “slack” is more or less a pejorative term for most people. The contrary is true for this app. Slack is something made to improve productivity when it comes to interaction for work, no matter what work you do. Whether you’re a professor using slack to communicate with your teaching assistants, or even a marketing team for a company, Slack is there for you. It’s a place where conversations occur and information is displayed in an easier and more efficient manner than ever before. Slack only benefits what it’s being used for, making significant strides in the productivity of you and yours.

Slack is meant to replace the clunkiness of emailing coworkers back and forth to get answers. Instead, you can get the effect of face to face communication without leaving your seat. Also, like most things nowadays, they offer a mobile app to substitute or boost your experience.

Slack goes a step further by maintaining many different flows of discussions into a single homepage for you. Making it so you can have direct messages with a coworker while also having a larger group chat with others. They don’t even find it weird if you talk to yourself, in fact, they encourage it. A channel will be designated to yourself where you can leave notes or reminders throughout the day. However, Slack does warn you “bear in mind that you’ll have to supply both sides of the conversation”.

Along with this, Slack integrates with a host of other apps which only makes managing your work life that much easier.

So what are Slack integrations?

It’s quite simple actually; apps and integrations are the tools that will help you bring your existing workflows into Slack. Their function is to create a sense of cohesion between your duties and the ease of Slack. This then ultimately maintains the theme of increasing overall productivity. There’s not a slim amount to choose from either, the Slack App Directory has thousands of apps that you can integrate into Slack.

Here are a few of the Slack integrations that will make your life easier:

  • eCommerce Ads by Clever: if you want to easily check the reports and metrics on your Google Ad campaigns with Slack, use Google Ads by Clever Ads. From this Premier Google Partner comes a way to start getting your ad reports straight from Slack. All you need is a Google Ads account and all their services will then be at your fingertips. With this app you will be able to ask for impressions, clicks, conversions and they will show you a graph of all of this for a better visualization of your changes. If you use Google Ads, this app is essential for making your life easier. As the Clever team likes to say, “With Google Ads by Clever eCommerce, you save enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much!”.
  • Workstreams: keep everything organized and eliminate the everyday clutter with Workstreams. One thing I have thankfully discovered is the importance of a to-do list. It’s even more important in a workplace with multiple employees working across various teams and projects. This is where Workstreams creates the organization amongst the chaos. It will allow you to create, assign and order tasks directly on Slack channels. The flexibility in utilizing this app is especially important when priorities are apt to change on the fly. It’s time to embrace the new digital age that we find ourselves in and rely on this easy to use virtual to-do list.
  • Statsbot: for a new approach to viewing your data analytics use Statsbot. Through this app you will connect your Google Analytics to Statsbot and it will easily track your metrics. You can also schedule reports to be able to check your metrics on a regular basis, or ask any other data related questions. Not only that, but you’ll be able to share the data with whomever you so desire. This app also shows its value through its notifications. In which it will update and send you whenever an important event occurs in your database. All in all, the utility of this Slack app is proficient for those trying to experience a new way in receiving their analytical data.
  • Growthbot: have your own digital assistant for marketing and sales with Growthbot. This app emphasizes its productivity for you by creating a digital assistant through Slack that will be used in a variety of ways. It is especially useful to those with the profession of a marketing manager, sales professional, or entrepreneur. It’s features, when paired with Slack, show that it will get your reporting done, give timely new updates on new leads, and allow even the most crucial question to be answered with ease. Not only that, but Growthbot can also connect to other platforms such as google analytics, twitter and mailchimp. The common theme across these Slack integrations consistently show that life is made easier through their use. Making Slack to ultimately be your single workspace.
  • Lucidchart: through Slack, create a variety of flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams and more on Lucidchart. This Slack integration will let you create and share diagrams for quick and easy collaboration with a single /lucidchart command. Lucidchart will also let you invite your colleagues for collaboration on whatever you may create. It will also be possible for you to share a link directly from Lucidchart’s share dialog to Slack.
  • UptimeBot: if you want to get instant notification when anything is going wrong with your website, get UptimeBot. One of the scariest things that could happen if you’re a company is having your online presence crash or have problems. This can anger customers and even lose them for good in some cases. With UptimeBot, you get notified in case of any downtime, slow performance, or even when your SSL certificate or domain name expires soon. It’s always good to have an extra security blanket, and that is what UptimeBot is and having it will only make your life easier in the end.
  • Paymo: to implement tasks for your team at an easy and seamless pace all through Slack use Paymo. With this app you can create a new task for your team through a simple command on Slack. You can also link a specific project to an individual channel in order to funnel the efforts you want and easily upload files for it. Along with this, you will be able to display detailed information about the latest task you worked on.
  • Advanced Poll: to easily get the opinion of everyone in your office on any sort of matter, try out Advanced Poll. Decision making is hard, and this will make the process of doing so much simpler. One of the features that makes it so seamless is that the voting is anonymous. Along with this, there can be a limitation on the amount of votes the users get, and the polls will close at a certain point no matter what. In a more relaxed example, the conundrum of where to go to lunch is very prevalent in most offices. With this app, the user can post a variety of different options on Slack and let the people in the office choose through the power of democracy.

As humans, a lot of us value the saying “work smarter, not harder” and try to implement it into all facets of our day to day activity. These apps validate that saying, and do so in the workplace which is especially crucial. Hopefully one, if not all of these apps will help make your life easier in some way.

And remember! With eCommerce Ads by Clever You save enough time to enjoy that coffee you love so much.


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