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Slack Groups All Marketers Should Join

In this post we are going to give you infor about some Slack groups or communities which, if you are a Marketer or an industry expert, you should know and join!

What is Slack? 

Slack is a tool that is used to communicate with your team, but it’s much more than a chat. You can create channels per theme, video call a colleague and add numerous third party integrations. Check all the Slack Groups and choose yours!

The Slack community is huge and you will be able to find public and private channels for almost any topic and also several Slack Integrations almost for any task. 

Why are Slack Groups Important?

It’s simple! Slack Groups tend to be very collaborative, so you can learn and share the best practices in the industry. You will also be able to find resources or even talented people to join your team, project or business. 

It’s a great way to stay up to date on the newest topics for your specific project or vertical. Moreover, we’ll be speaking on its features for digital marketers.

Here Are 4 Major Reasons to Join Slack Communities:


Many marketers join Slack communities to collaborate with others and get ideas for their own business to achieve the best results possible. Teamwork truly makes the dreamwork, so having a Slack community at your back can do a lot of good for you.


With people constantly asking and answering questions, you’ll have significant insight into the many challenges of your industry. On top of this, by becoming an expert in your field, you will be able to attract potential customers by educating them. Remember that Slack communities are made to help each other, so it’s best to try not to be very self promotional.


Slack communities are a great place to meet other Marketers and develop professional connections. You will be able to network, find potential partners or customers and even recruit the best talent.


If you are stuck on a project or aren’t sure how to continue with a certain task or action, you can always drop your thoughts and Slack community members will jump over to help you out. Receiving this feedback can not only lead to improvement, but ultimately a great project. The opportunity to hear different perspectives will only lead you in the right direction, so take advantage of it!

3 Slack Communities All Marketers and Industry Experts Should Join

Mind the Product (#twincities)

This is an international product community created for the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minnesota). The community holds over 1,200 active members. By joining this community, you will have a greater focus on growth and data-driven product management.

Online Geniuses

This is a much larger community with over 17,000 members. You will be able to find channels for different topics like #PPC, #SEO #Email_marketing or even #Socialmediamarketing. Certainly a community you will want to explore and take part in.

Marketers Chat

This is a real-time Slack community for digital marketers. You will be able to find numerous #tools and chat with over 450 members.


Clever Ads Slack Community

At Clever Ads we wanted to build a community that enhances communication and collaboration between marketers. Our community is free to use and you will be able to view content from the following channels: 


The best tools on the market. Discover new tools and share the ones that have helped you the most.


Stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and news.


Say hello and meet marketers all around the world.


Learn and share the best practices for pay-per-click advertising. Our team can help you understand and improve your strategy. Feel free to ask for help!


Share or ask anything you think would be helpful for our community.


For any content related to the eCommerce world. We are experts, so we’re here to help!


Share or join webinars and events.


Use this channel to share any ideas you have, or ask for feedback on your projects.


If you are job searching or looking for new talent, this channel might help you find new opportunities.

Find here our Slack Community Guidelines!


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