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Spring advertising tips, tricks, & ideas

After a long winter, with the improvement of the weather comes the long-awaited Spring! The gardens are more beautiful, the weather is warmer and people are in a better mood, so it’s a great season to promote your brand and an opportunity for all types of business. Keep reading to discover 5 spring advertising ideas to attract and inspire your audience:

1. Take Advantage of Spring-Cleaning

During this time of year, as soon as the weather improves, it’s traditional to do a spring cleaning at home, so it’s also time to revamp your marketing campaigns and your social media profiles.

Take advantage of and analyze the data of your previous campaigns, in order to verify what worked well and what did not. As with spring cleaning, toss out anything that doesn’t work and try something new. Create new promotions! Don’t be afraid to update things, it’s the right time to give your campaigns and social media a new lease of life!

  • Clever Ads Tip: Do you already know our free templates to use in Instagram stories and TikTok videos? Check it out! We are always adding new templates whenever the festive days are approaching.

2- Create a discount for Spring’s biggest event, Easter!

Send your customers an informative email about the promotions you will be doing at Easter and create images to put on your social networks so that your customers are aware of all your promotions.

In order to increase your sales, try including a discount code that can only be used until Easter. You can also try offering free shipping during the days leading up to Easter or even offering a mini Easter egg to everyone who makes their purchases during this festive period.

These small strategies will encourage more visitors to your social networks as well as to your online page.

If you are a service company try offering a discount to regular customers or give an extra offer on your regular services.

3- Don’t forget to add color to your creativities

Remember that Spring is characterized by the sweet pastel tones of the flowers and the vibrant greens of the new leaves on the trees. Take advantage of this characteristic spring color palette to use these shades in your creativities. 

A good tip is to look on Pinterest for the spring color palette that best suits your business and then start creating all the new content in similar shades. Use and abuse these colors in all your creativities from email campaigns and promotions to publications on social networks.

These colors will have a positive impact on your customers as they tend to put people in a better mood (thus, customers tend to spend more). 

  • Clever Ads Tip: To create new banners for your spring campaigns, try our free banner creator. You just have to add the information you want to include and you’ll have new banners created in seconds. You won’t regret it!

4- Try new marketing strategies

Try a new advertising strategy and see how it works for your business. Try for example, creating a partnership with some other brand or with an influencer in order to give more visibility and credibility to your brand. Have you ever heard about ways to advertise on Google but never ventured to experiment? It’s the right time to try then. If you need help, Clever Ads has a way to simplify the process of advertising on Google for you and you are also entitled to a discount coupon (only for new customers and qualifying Google Ads accounts that meet the requirements). 

  • Clever Ads Tip: Take a look to our website and create your ads for free in just 5 minutes.

5. Think about partnering with an influencer

This is one of the most used methods these days. Since people are more likely to buy a product or try a service if someone they know/trust recommends it.

With influencer marketing, a brand collaborates with an individual with a large online following who has a specific niche.


spring advertising ideas


Wrapping up…

Now that you’ve read our 5 marketing ideas for this spring it’s time to put them into practice in order to have everything ready for the hottest days to come!

At Clever Ads we decided to welcome spring by working on new creativities and developing new newsletters in order to give more tips and strategies to our customers so they feel more motivated after this cold  winter.

Are there any spring ads strategies that your company uses and works well for you? 

Leave a comment in the box below!


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