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Spring Advertising Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Spring is finally here! After a cold winter, mask mandates, vaccinations, and the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, the time for renewal has come in which most of us daydream about what the warm days will be like.

Bearing in mind the difficult times, companies must take advantage of the spring this year to carry out their new ideas as a way to boost profits!

With that in mind, here are 5 spring marketing ideas to attract and inspire your audience.

Put some color on your marketing creativities

Spring is characterized by the sweet pastel tones of the flowers and the vibrant greens of the new leaves on the trees. Take advantage of this characteristic spring color palette to use these shades in your creativities. A good tip is to look on Pinterest for the spring color palette that best suits your business and then start creating all the new content in similar shades. Use and abuse these colors in all your creativities from email campaigns and promotions to publications on social networks.

These colors will have a positive impact on your customers as they tend to put people in a better mood (thus, customers tend to spend more).

Try new marketing strategies

Try a new advertising strategy and see how it works for your business. Try for example, creating a partnership with some other brand or with an influencer in order to give more visibility and credibility to your brand. Have you ever heard about ways to advertise on Google but never ventured to experiment? It’s the right time to try then. If you need help, Clever Ads has a way to simplify the process of advertising on Google for you and you are also entitled to a discount coupon (only for new customers and qualifying Google Ads accounts).

After getting these new initiatives rolling, you should analyze the data and check if they were positive for your business or if there are any aspects to improve.

Renew your showcase if you have a physical store and images from your social networks and online store

Renovating your social networks and your website is enough to encourage your customers to come in and check out the latest news, just like in a physical store.

Encourage your customers with your new images and exclusive promotions dedicated to this season in order to influence and provoke a sense of urgency in customers’ minds, making them more likely to impulse buy your products.


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Plan ahead for promotions and content for upcoming holidays

There are several festive days throughout the spring; taking into account the area of ​​your business, our tip is that once again, plan your promotions for these days well in advance in order to achieve optimal results. From Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, among others – these festivities can help companies attract and inspire large audiences as people will look for products related to these themes. Be strategic and organized so the customer is aware of your offer before each special day.

Bet on live marketing

Nowadays this is a method widely used by companies through the conduct of lives on social networks. It became a lot more popular after the start of the pandemic as due to mandatory confinements, most companies kept their businesses closed; thus, having to choose alternatives to sell online and resulting in a major loss of income.

A good tip to follow is to launch new products during these lives, in order to capture the attention of your customers. Another tip is to carry out sweepstakes via live events. A winner could be determined by the amount of times the user shares the live stream link.

This is a simple way to make your customers interact more with your page, to give credibility to your brand, and also make your products known to potential customers since the person sharing will be telling their friends about you.

Now that you’ve read our 5 marketing ideas for this spring it’s time to put them into practice in order to have everything ready for the hottest days to come!

At Clever Ads we decided to welcome spring by working on new creativities and developing new newsletters in order to give more tips and strategies to our customers so they feel more motivated after this winter.

Are there any spring ads strategies that your company uses and works well for you? Leave a comment in the box below!

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