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Learn How to Use Twitter Ads Manager to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Twitter is one most widely used social network globally, with around 350 million monthly users. It allows users to create their own content and communicate with each other, without the need to know each other.  It is used by companies to make themselves known and have a direct contact with their public and share their news or advances in the sector in which they are located, so many of them have begun to advertise on this social network thanks to Twitter Ads, managed by the well-known Twitter Ads Manager.

What is Twitter Ads and how it works

Twitter Ads allows companies to advertise their products, services or content on Twitter, through tweets or ads that will have the tag “promoted” and will appear as a normal publication, so users will be able to interact with them, by liking, retweeting or sharing the promoted content.

Twitter Ads may help your company to make itself known, improve its brand image, or generate traffic to the website by targeting ads to a specific audience thanks to the segmentation options offered.

  1. Set up your account: create a new account or register with the account you are going to create your ads.
  2.  Set up a payment method: add a credit card, or if you are thinking of a large campaign, you can request a “insertion order”.
  3. Create your ads: choose “Organic” that allows you to promote tweets you already posted on your account, or “Promoted-Only”, where you can design your ad and make it attractive and relevant.
  4. Configure your campaigns: choose the “Objective” that best suits your needs.
    1. To start your campaign, select “Create Campaign” from the Ad Manager drop-down menu.
    2. Choose the objective to direct your efforts to.
    3. Campaign details: allows you to choose the name, Budget, start and end date, and funding source.
    4. Create ad groups for different audiences, or set the budget or the dates of the campaign.
  5. Analyze the results: use Twitter Ads analytics tools to evaluate the performance of your campaign.

How Twitter Ads Manager works

Twitter Ads Manger is Twitter’s platform for managing and executing advertising campaigns on its social network. It allows to plan, manage, and create reports on promoted content.

To access the Twitter Ads Manager, sign in with the account intended for advertising campaigns, and the Ads Manager will automatically open, which offers:

  • Campaign creation: you can create a campaign or use predetermined templates. Set the objectives, budget, content and target audience.
  • Manage your ads: with this tool you will be able to see metrics on the performance of your campaigns, as well as edit, pause or delete your ads.
  • Segmentation: define your audience so that your content appears to the right people. You can segment your audience by location, language, keywords, among other things.
  • Schedule your ads: maximize the visibility of your promoted content by setting schedules for your ads to be shown at specific times relevant to your business.
  • Reporting: with Twitter Ads Manager you can analyze your campaigns and receive reports on how they have performed.

Alternatives to Twitter Ads Manager

To analyze the performance of Twitter Ads, you can download Clever Twitter Ads Manager, you can use it on your phone!

  • With Clever Ads Manager you can manage your Twitter Ads accounts along with all your advertising strategies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook and TikTok) from a single place.
  • Check out the performance of your campaign, where you can receive tips on how to improve your Twitter Ads results.
  • Get alerts if something changes in your advertising strategy.
  • Set up manual or SMART reports, to get more detailed information about your campaign.

Control your advertising strategy thanks to Clever Ads!



In summary

Twitter is a social network that is constantly growing, making it a great opportunity to advertise your company. Because Twitter Ads are all over the world, you can access a very diverse audience to interact with.

Through Twitter Ads you can create ads or tweets targeted to a specific audience, thus improving the performance of the advertising.

With Twitter Ads Manager, manage your campaigns in one place, from content creation to results analysis.

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