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Steps to Activating Your Google AdWords Coupon

For many, the idea of online advertising is tempting but they might be hesitant to spend the money on it. This is completely understandable, and that’s why we are here to help! Clever Ads provides new Google Ads users the Google AdWords coupon that they need so they can begin their online advertising journey without the risk of wasting money on unsuccessful campaigns. In this blog post, we’ll explain more how the promo works and how to successfully activate it!

First you’ll want to download Google ads promo code. From there, the page will redirect you to sign into your Google account. Log in to the Google account that is linked with your Google Ads account. If you have not yet created your Google Ads account, be sure to do that first, otherwise the promo will not properly apply. (Check this quick tutorial on how to set up your first Google Ads account!)

When you see the log in page for Google, you might be a little skeptical to give us access to your account. It is good to be cautious when giving out your information and we respect that skepticism. We are here to inform you that by logging into your account, you are not giving us access to make changes to anything. The only thing that we do through your account is apply your Google AdWords promo code. Don’t stress, your account is still in your hands!

There are terms & conditions that apply to the promo code. These terms & conditions vary based on the country that you use your Google Ads account in. The one regulation that applies no matter which country you live in is you must be either a new user or an existing user that is reactivating a previously deactivated account. However, we describe those that apply to the United States and Spain in this post. 

For both customers with a billing address in the United States and in Spain, there is the additional allowance of the use of the coupon for existing users enabling a new feature. Furthermore the offer expires within 3 months of activation, so be sure to activate the promo only when you are truly ready to start launching your Google Ads campaigns! 

If you are wondering how to advertise on Google, check out our Advertising on Google for Beginners: All You Need to Know! Furthermore, Clever Google Ads offers you some cool tools to get started on your Google AdWords campaigns such as our Google Ads Campaigns Creator and our Google Keyword Planner. Make sure to utilize all of these resources to truly make the most out of your Google Ads campaigns, especially those first few campaigns that are free with the Promo! These first campaigns are crucial to learn which keywords, bidding strategies, and daily budgets are the most successful. From there, by using a tool such as a Google Ads Audit, you can see what needs adjusted and what good strategies to expand on to truly make the most out of your AdWords spending!If you are not entirely sure if your promo has been applied, check out this tutorial. This video walks you through the steps to check on the status of all your different promotions on your Google Ads account. Furthermore, our customer service team is available for questions by emailing or by using our live chat bot on our website.

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