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Advertise on Bing: How to set up a Microsoft Ads campaign

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. It has been in existence since 2009. Bing Ads is Microsoft’s advertising platform and offers a variety of features, such as geo-targeting, demographic targeting and the ability to advertise on Bing. 

Almost 95% of users who browse the internet nowadays do it through Google, thus positioning it in the first place of the most used search engines. However, there is also Microsoft’s famous Bing Ads platform, which counts for the remaining 5% of users, making them more qualified, valuable and easy to lead to a conversion (sale).

What are the advantages of advertise on Bing?

Bing is a search engine that has been around for a while and is quite popular. It is also the second most used search engine in the United States. It is not as popular as Google, but it still has a lot of users.

Some of the main benefits of advertising on Bing is that you will be able to reach people looking for specific information and you won’t have to pay as much to have your product or service advertised.

It also allows businesses to use machine learning algorithms to help them make better decisions about how to optimize their advertising graphics and when is the best time to launch their campaigns. Advertising on Bing also provides access to data-driven information that will help them improve campaign performance.

To be more specific:

  • Its main audience is the United States. If your company is focused on this market, then advertising on Bing will be your best option.
  • It’s the main search engine on Microsoft devices. This makes it a great source for potential growth.
  • Associated with eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and OfferUp
  • Even though it has the same features as Google, it’s not very well known, which makes it an interesting option for advertisers who want to reach people who are not yet familiar with a brand.
  • Advertisers can use Bing Ads to create text and display ads, target their audience by location and language, and manage bids for each keyword or keyword group.

How to advertise on Bing?

#1 Define your strategy

Define what percentage of your budget you want to spend on advertising on Bing. 

Go to the Bing Ads page and create your campaign in the “campaigns” and “create campaign” section. There are two main types of campaigns you can set up in Bing Ads: Search or Display campaigns.

#2 Configure campaigns

You can set up your campaigns to only show ads for certain keywords or phrases, or you can target your ads broadly based on certain criteria, such as location and demographics.

Don’t forget that advertising on Bing gives you the ability to import your campaigns from Google Ads. 

You must also complete the following sections:

  • Campaign name
  • Daily budget
  • Location 
  • Language 

#3 Create your ad groups and keywords

First, perform optimal keyword research. You can do this by entering the URL of your domain and the different categories your website handles, and the tool will give you recommendations on which keywords would be most suitable for you. 

You can also take into account the keywords that your competitors use. These could be beneficial for you. 

Once you have defined which keywords you will use for your Bing Ads campaign, you can start configuring your ad groups.

#4 Last but not least…Create your ads!

This is undoubtedly the part where you should not forget any detail or requirement in order to make your ad as optimal as possible and show to more users. 

The following are the types of advertisements that exist: 

  • Expanded Text Ads: has 3 titles and 2 descriptions, 30 and 90 maximum characters respectively.
  • Dynamic Search Ads: only available in Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, France, and United Kingdom. They are the same as the expanded text ads, but the difference is that they can segment the search depending on the content of the website.
  • Product Ads: products must be entered through Microsoft Merchant Center. They same way as Google shopping campaigns.
  • Bing Smart Search: Refers to ads with touch-adaptive format.
  • Application Install Ads: These are ads that link directly to the application download button.
  • Response Search Ads: it has 15 titles and 4 descriptions. These are used to create multiple combinations to optimize ad performance.

Applications and tools you can use to optimize your Bing Ads marketing campaigns

Bing Ads is an advertising solution that can be used to promote organic and paid search results, but advertisers can also gain access to many different tools that help them create, optimize and manage their campaigns.

Tool to advertise on Bing Ads easily and quickly

Microsoft Ads by Clever Ads is a tool that also offers a Microsoft Ads promotional code which makes it much easier to get started.

bing ads promo code

Free application provided by the Microsoft tool

Microsoft Advertising Editor allows you to have an application on your desktop where you can create campaigns, manage them and optimize them online or offline.

bing ads management

Which search engine should I choose?

It is not always easy to choose a search engine. There are many different options available and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Bing Ads is part of Microsoft Advertising, which is an online advertising service that offers pay-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, and cost-per-view advertising formats. Although it is not the number one search engine, it has gained popularity because it offers features that other search engines do not have.

For example, when you create a campaign on Bing Ads, you can set up specific targeting criteria that will help you reach people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

When it comes to choosing between Google and Bing, we recommend that you consider both options. This way you will be able to cover 100% of the users that use search engines to make a conversion. What are you waiting for?


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