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Know how to advertise on Google is an essential step you will want to take for growing your online business. Even if you’re not a digital marketing expert, you surely know that your business getting lost in the millions and millions of Google results is not something you would wish for. You can’t expect anyone to keep scrolling the pages and the Google results in hopes of finding your business, right?

There are two strategies out there for helping you jump on the first results on a Google page. Those of course being PPC and SEO. PPC is a paid advertising strategy while SEO is a free option. However, SEO requires a lot more time and effort in order to mark small improvements in your campaigns.

The most important platform you will need to use for your paid advertising strategy is called Google Ads. Having little to no experience with Google Ads can certainly be an intimidating venture. You’ll have to deal with charts, numbers, unknown terms, campaigns, ad groups, keywords and much more. 

If Google Ads aren’t quite your area of expertise but still want your business to grow and are decided to invest on Google Ads, you might want to consider Clever Ads Google Ads Creator. 

Nowadays you can find very powerful tools in the market that will help you with the creation of your Google Ads campaigns. Which presents the question: What are the steps you will need to follow to get your Google Ads campaigns created and uploaded on Google?

Advertise on Google ads for free by using a Google Ads Coupon

Let’s start with something that will definitely draw your attention. How about a promo code to start your advertising on Google?

Clever Ads as an official Premier Google Partner, will gladly offer you a free promo code of up to $150 for starting your digital marketing activities on Google. You can have your Google Ads promo code applied on your Google Ads account by Clever Ads easily and fast.

How to create your Google Ads with Clever Ads Google Ads Creator

After you’ve acquired your promo code and are happy and motivated you’re ready for the next step! Campaign creation! Thanks to Clever Ads’ automation software, the only thing you will have to do is to follow 5 simple steps to have campaigns created and keywords generated based on your business’ information.

Step 1

Connect with your Google Ads account. If you don’t have one you can create one very easily.

Step 2

Provide us with all the special information of your business. This will help us create unique ads showing off your distinct value proposition.

Step 3

Which geographic location are you targeting with your business? If your audience is not global, you can choose the specific locations where you want your ads to be shown. Limit the audience of your ads to the area that will eventually take an action related to your business. By doing so, you avoid spending your marketing budget on locations that won’t convert.

Step 4

Enrich your ads by adding more useful information for your potential customers to see, such as a phone number in case they want to contact you.

Step 5

You can now review your ads, check the last details and we are ready to go! Your ads will be created and uploaded on your Google Ads account shortly after.

Google Ads Creator features

What will you get once you finish the 5 steps above?

Long tail keywords

A series of long tail, high quality keywords will be created after a deep analysis of your website. The keywords generated will be based on the products and categories which will be found directly in your website.

Google Search Ads

You will get search ads that will appear on Google when your potential customers are looking for what you are offering. Your search ads will be triggered by the keywords generated and for that reason, it’s quite important that these keywords are of high quality and that they really represent your business.

Banner Ads

You will also receive banners created to use in your Display ads.

Google Display Ads

Place your service/product banners on these websites where your potential customers are browsing and catch their eye! It’s the perfect way to create brand awareness.

Google Ads Creator benefits

1/ Money: you can avoid the expense of hiring a Google Ads agency to create the ads for you. With Google Ads Generator you can have your first ads.

2/ Time: you will be able to skip all the initial processes of creating Google Ads for the first time for your business. Trust us when we say that is a very time consuming process.

3/ Safe & secure: Clever Ads is a proud Premier Google Partner which means that the highest standards and criteria have been met. You and your ads are in safe hands.

Google Ads created & uploaded. What’s next?

Once your ads are created you will need to keep an eye on them, optimize them, make modifications, add new keywords etc. For keeping them optimized you can periodically audit your Google Ads campaigns for for minimizing your costs and maximizing your ROI. 

To assist in monitoring your Google Ads performance, you can also download Clever Ads – Digital Marketing Campaign Metrics on your mobile device and keep track on the go. You can save time with a quick and simple view and most importantly, improve your campaigns with personalized suggestions.


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