Google eCommerce, the perfect mix

Google eCommerce, the win win combination

If you are running an eCommerce and looking for useful tools that can power your business you are in the right place. I am sure you have thought what could Google do for your eCommerce , or how can you use Google to grow your eCommerce. Let’s take a closer look, the idea is that you can apply this content to power your eCommerce , or at least, have a clear understanding on Google eCommerce.

Google eCommerce, win to win automation

Google Ads can be a great source to reach your potential customers and take them to your best products, or guide them through your catalog. How does it work? Let’s say is not quite easy, but not as complicated.

Think about it. What is the first thing that you do when going to purchase? Yes, you do some research at Google.

Google Ads eCommerce can provide you different results. The first thing that will be shown nowadays, is a quick section in the top with different product images that you can scroll to the right.

A quick view of a couple of skateboards with the price, the name, store name and even a review. This comes from Google Shopping, which is key for the Google eCommerce world.

The Shopping tab has become essential, and is a pretty important point where Google and eCommerce merges. Advertisers can post their products to gain visibility and conversions. Other services companies, can not really benefit from the Google Shopping section.

Make sure to upload your product feed, with your different products, descriptions, best reviews and start running Google Shopping Ads!! That is one of the key pieces for the Google eCommerce world.

Although, Google Shopping is not the only part were you should focus. There are multiple ways to advertise with Adwords automation, and any eCommerce will benefit from this, let’s take a closer view.

Have you heard about Search Ads? When people are looking in Google for a product they will be introducing keywords to achieve their search. By matching your product keywords with the search your products will be showing up, make sure to use this option when running Google Ads. A combination of this type of ads, and other Google Ads, will allow you to reach your target audience.

With Display Ads, you will need to create some banners were your products must drive attention and look great! Will increase brand awareness and can be a great way to show your products with a great creativity.

Remarketing campaigns are always a great idea. Being able to target customers with products that you have and they already have seen, can make them come back and purchase that product or other products they might want.

So, have you better understand what can Google do for your eCommerce ? Adwords eCommerce is a great mix and will allow the win to win strategy for your ecomeCommerce merce. The main problem for eCommerce owners is the ability to learn and manage this tools. Being able to create your own campaigns and improve them based on results is not an easy task, but ultimately necessary to grow your business.

Nowadays, eCommerce owners are short on time and looking to automate every task they can. At this point, Clever eCommerce can help eCommerce owners to run marketing campaigns on Google without wasting time. Marketing Adwords automation is possible!

How? Easy! Access Clever Ads select your eCommerce market place (Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Prestashop or Shopify). Download the Clever Ads app and complete few steps with basic information on your store. Our tool will optimize and generate keywords and bids for your campaign.

Easy right? The best part, is that you will be paying Google for advertising. And here you have a little help if what you need is ideas about the Most Creative Google Ads Campaigns you can do for your eCommerce .

Extra tip: are you familiar with the PMAX campaigns carried out by both Google and Microsoft? They’re quite remarkable and worth your attention!


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