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Boost your hotel advertising strategy with Hotel Price Ads

If you belong to the hotel industry or you manage the advertising campaigns of a client that belongs to this sector, pay attention to this post because what we are going to tell you will be of great interest.

One of the latest innovations that Microsoft Advertising has implemented is the creation of specific ads for verticals. At the moment, travel, automotive, finance and insurance verticals are included — but in this post we are going to focus on the travel vertical. Specifically, on advertising for hotels. 

What are Bing Hotel Price Ads?

The new advertising for hotel ads, named Bing Hotel Price Ads, are a new hotel search experience where ads for available rooms are shown with real-time information on: price, room photos, location, and other interesting data. These ads are shown to potential customers on both the Bing search engine and Bing Maps. 


advertising for hotel bing ads


Hotel Price Ads are perfectly compatible with other ads you have already created for those same hotels, whether they are text ads or dynamic ads. In fact, these types of ads help to boost bookings in your hotels as they show the different room options available, depending on the dates in which the potential customers are interested. In other words, Bing Hotel Price Ads are completely tailored to the customers´ search interests and connect them directly to you. 

What are the advantages of Bing Hotel Price Ads?

First of all, the Bing search engine is the second most used search engine after Google, and it has the advantage of being much less crowded with advertisers. This allows your ads  a greater likelihood to be shown, and at a much lower CPC. In addition, Microsoft’s audience has a higher purchasing power than the average Internet user. 

As for the creation and optimization of these types of ads, Microsoft Advertising adapts to the formats you already know — so you can manage your Hotel Price Ads campaigns in the easiest way possible. 

From Clever Ads, we can manage the entire process of creating and optimizing advertising for hotel campaigns for Bing Price Hotel Ads. So if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Boost your hotel advertising campaigns by adding Hotel Price Ads to your advertising strategy and increase the visibility of your hotels to get more bookings. 

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