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Boost your Property Ads with Microsoft Advertising

If you’ve ever had to create real estate advertising campaigns, you’ll know how time consuming it is to design something creative and eye-catching — but the hardest part of all is getting your ads displayed above the millions of other advertisers. In this post we tell you about a new option to advertise in a search engine less saturated with advertisers; meaning you get your ads displayed more frequently! Namely, Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

Let’s start by commenting on one of the latest innovations that Microsoft Ads has incorporated: the possibility of creating ads by verticals. These types of ads are characterized by differentiating the format of the ads according to the vertical to which they belong. Thus, facilitating the process of creating and optimizing your ads. These verticals include: travel, automotive, and financial services. 

Within the travel vertical there is a section focused on accommodation ads called Property Promotion Ads. We tell you more in this post.

What is Bing Property Promotion Ads and what is it for?

Property Promotion Ads are a new search experience for accommodations. They are shown when users search for accommodations in a specific location or for a specific service. These ads appear in the first two positions of Bing Maps in the grid where the ads of the different accommodations are displayed (as in the image below).

They are intended to inspire potential travelers in the early stages of their travel planning process, and influence their final decision.


bing maps
(Product view of a Property Promotion Ad, as it would appear on the Microsoft Bing Maps page. Source:


Inspire and attract future travelers

Reach millions of potential travelers looking to stay in accommodations like yours. Property Promotion Ads offer a highly engaging and intuitive experience at the user level. Plus, at the advertiser level, you have full control over the text and images you want to appear in your ads.

Get more bookings

Property Promotion Ads produce high click-through rates, however, Microsoft Ads will only charge you for clicks that send customers directly to your website. In other words, you will be able to generate high visibility for your accommodations while only being charged for actions that lead customers to your website!

Property ads are perfectly compatible with other ads you have already created for the same accommodations —whether they are text ads or dynamic ads. In fact, these types of ads help boost bookings in your accommodations as they show the different room options available, depending on the dates in which the potential customer is interested in booking. In other words, Bing Property Promotion Ads are completely tailored to the customers’ search interests and connect them directly to you. 

What are the advantages of advertising on Bing?

First of all, the Bing search engine is the second most used search engine after Google, and has the advantage of being much less saturated with other advertisers. This grants your ads a higher likelihood of being shown, and at a much lower CPC. In addition, Microsoft’s audience has a higher purchasing power than the average Internet user, spending 26% more. 

As for the creation and optimization of these types of ads, Microsoft Advertising adapts to the formats you already know — so you can manage your property ads in the easiest way possible. 

We don’t want to forget to mention that Clever Ads can help you with the entire process of creating property ads. We have a team formed by Microsoft itself to offer you the best service when creating these types of campaigns. So if you have any questions we invite you to contact us. 

Boost your property campaigns by including Bing Property Promotion Ads and increase the visibility of your campaigns.

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