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Advertising Manager – Can You Imagine Seeing the Metrics of All your Ads in one Place?

Marketers are always looking to improve their paid advertising results, but why? By optimizing online advertising campaigns any business can get the most out of their marketing efforts.

How do marketing experts optimize advertising ads results? The answer is simple, by making decisions based on data. Marketers will analyze their results and control their metrics. By comparing campaigns using A/B testing, marketers can understand how clients interact with ads and understand what converts better. 

Gathering data can be hard, especially if you are running advertising campaigns through various platforms. Let’s face it, each platform has different users, and in order to reach your target audience, running advertising campaigns with different platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Microsoft Ads can allow you to reach all of them.

Through this post, you will learn how to extract and compare advertising results to have all the data you need to make the right decisions.

Know your platforms

There are different advertising platforms, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager or Microsoft Advertising. All of them allow you to create campaigns and they will be show you data on your ads performance.

Google Ads

The Google Ads interface might be challenging for those not familiar with it, especially when creating campaigns. Although, it can offer you different metrics on which extract key insights to improve your results. Of course you will be able to create campaigns and control performance.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook’s advertising manager has a greater level of complexity than Google Ads when selecting your target audience. Facebook Ads Manager is unique because it will allow you to select all kinds of data based on what the audience likes or dislikes. From gender, age and country, to specific likes on different themes like sport, music or hobbies. It also provides everything you need to create your instagram ads. 

Microsoft Advertising

The Microsoft Advertising platform is very similar in all senses to that of Google Ads. The ability to create campaigns and view metrics will be easy for users that have already used Google Ads. 

Effectively extracting key insights

In order to extract all insights from your different paid advertising platforms, you will need to access each account to observe performance. The key insights that you get will depend on each platform. For example, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are very similar – you will want to view income, spend, impressions, conversions and clicks. On the other hand, with Facebook, you will want to view income, spend, impressions, conversions, clicks, but also other key metrics, like frequency or likes. After putting them together, you’ll get a sense on what campaigns are working better and what platforms are bringing more quality traffic, and therefore more conversions at a lower cost.

This can be time consuming, but it is ultimately the key to improving your results and optimizing your campaigns. Do not forget that optimizing your advertising results is a continuous process that you must control and nurture.

Clever Ads Manager – Mobile App

Our suggestion to save time measuring results and controlling your advertising campaigns for each platform is to download the Clever Ads Manager mobile app. It is a multiplatform advertising manager that will compare main metrics for each campaign and platform and deliver key insights to your phone. 

You can download the app for Android or iOS and add your different platforms. You will have a general overview on income, spend, and the balance of all your campaigns. Also, you can access each platform and each campaign to view more results, like conversions, clicks, ROI or impressions. This view will give you fast insights on what is working better for you on a daily basis.

Improving your campaigns

Clever Ads Manager will also help improve your campaign performance with personalized tips based on your existing campaigns and results. This way, you can understand what you can improve and the importance of applying our tips. 


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