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10 eCommerce marketing strategy ideas for your business

When running an eCommerce, something fundamental that we must take into account is to build a solid and effective marketing strategy tips that helps us achieve the objectives proposed for your business.

On the other hand, COVID-19 has made these two years that people to buy and interact online, so having a good digital strategy and being up to date with all the trends in the world of eCommerce is fundamental.

To help you with all this, the Clever Ads team has gathered the strategies that we consider fundamental for the success of our eCommerce.

Here are some ideas for you!

Virtual events & online training

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Events have always been one of the actions that have allowed companies to connect with many of their potential customers.

Despite the current circumstances, we can’t just not act on something – we must take advantage of the acceleration of the digital transformation brought about by the pandemic, which has created a wide variety of virtual events. 

Although there is still a long way to go in terms of technical and logistical resources, it is a great opportunity to stay connected to our customers, knowing what they are interested in and what they want while also offering a different experience to what they are used to.


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We have all heard the term storytelling, but what about storydoing? Customers are bored of listening to stories, what they want to do now is to live them. That’s why we can’t just tell things to our customers, we must get them involved. Make them the protagonists of their own story – make them live an experience with us, that’s where storydoing comes into play.

Storydoing is an advertising technique, which consists of telling the values and benefits that a brand (an eCommerce in this case) brings to its customers through a series of experiences. To do this, we must be very clear about what we want to convey, what we want to provoke, and what we want to achieve – every strategy seeks a reaction from the consumer.

From a business perspective, it will allow us to connect with our audience in a closer and more exciting way and can even have a great impact on social networks.

Video campaigns for streaming platforms on Google Ads

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Platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video have made video on demand a big trend in society; this has also reached the digital marketing world for 2022.

Confinement measures around the world accelerated a shift in media consumption, sparking a rise in live streaming that is here to stay. For this reason, Google Ads has developed a new TV section within the platform, allowing small advertisers to create video campaigns on streaming platforms.

The goal is that each advertiser can find the most useful streaming support to promote their product and attract an audience that could be really promising.

Extra tip: have you taken a look at the PMAX campaigns conducted by Google and Microsoft? They’re truly noteworthy and shouldn’t be missed!

Loyalty marketing

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Keeping a customer is usually a less costly task than acquiring a new one which is why we must choose to develop a loyalty strategy and use all the techniques and resources we have to make the user experience satisfying. To do this, we must understand who our customers are: what they want, what needs they have, and what their concerns are. All this information will help us to develop the right strategy to make the customer’s experience with us as pleasant as possible. Some of the things we can do include offering gifts to our best customers or giving out discounts and/or access to exclusive content and products.

One of the most useful resources when it comes to customer loyalty is the well-known CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a tool that will help us organize and manage the relationship with our customers, so that it will help us to improve the user experience we were talking about earlier. Taking care of customers is essential for the success of any eCommerce.

SEO – Search engine optimization

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SEO includes a series of techniques that allow us to optimize both landing pages and blog posts so search engines like Google can get the information in a faster and easier way – positioning us organically in search results.

It is essential that the information we offer to the user is structured and offers value to the user, since it will be these search engines that will give priority when positioning each page. This helps us attract quality traffic to our eCommerce and also strengthens our brand image. Managing website content is something we cannot forget!


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If moments before we talked about the importance of customer care for companies, now there is another aspect that we will take into account and that will be fundamental for the achievement of our objectives, and this will be based on motivating and understanding your team.

Endomarketing may be a new term for some of us, but it is important and is something that we should not leave aside. This is a marketing strategy that is developed within the company itself and encompasses a series of processes to engage the team with the company through internal actions, thus achieving a better perception of the company among workers, having a motivated team and achieving increased productivity that will most likely translate into profits. Having a motivated team will ensure that when bad times come, they are the ones who will help our business to get back on its feet.

Marketing strategy on TikTok

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TikTok is one of the social networks that has generated more pull this year, especially among younger audiences. When developing a marketing strategy on this platform, we have to take into account which audience we are going to target. For Generation Z, for example, we must be very creative, original, and active. Before starting a campaign, we recommend that you investigate the app and see all the possibilities offered by this application. 

One of its latest innovations has been including an advertising tool with a self-service format that will give us the opportunity to connect with a large number of users through formats such as TopView, where our company will be displayed in a good position on TikTok. In-feed ads is where we will have the opportunity to talk about our company as if we were a content creator. The Brand Takeover, however, is a large format ad that will appear when users open the app. TikTok has arrived to revolutionize the world of digital strategy on social networks!

Email marketing

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Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that can be very effective and can help you achieve a good ROI. It also allows you to be more connected with your customers and increase their engagement with the brand. This strategy is usually very common, although it is true that on many occasions, we do not get to its full potential. Let’s see if with these ideas we can get more out of our mailing campaigns.

We will have the opportunity to automate our campaigns, without having to manually review and configure sending each email. Before starting the strategy, we must be clear about who we are targeting, so it would be advisable to segment our users, personalizing the message and adapting it as much as possible to the user, so that we can send the right message to the right person. I have already mentioned it, but we must be original and creative, this is something fundamental for any strategy, users must find something of value in our mail, to get them to want to receive it again. We can also include calls to action to get the attention of users. On the other hand, another thing we can not forget are the errors that may be inside the mail, whether loading or spelling errors, we must review it before sending!

Email marketing strategies are usually very frequent, but I hope that with these ideas from now on you will be able to get a little more out of it.

Google Shopping Smart campaigns

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Google Shopping is one of the tools that Google Ads offers, which most benefits, something that is very useful especially for small and medium enterprises, which gives them a tool to compete as far as possible against the big fish.

These smart campaigns incorporate remarketing to normal campaigns, which will help us to simplify the process and improve conversion, in addition to incorporating automation, machine learning technology and optimization through machine learning. This is an element that we must incorporate into our strategy as it will help us reach more customers and therefore increase sales of our eCommerce.


ecommerce marketing strategy neuromarketing

Neuromarketing refers to all the monitoring of the buying process and decision making, in most cases, this buying process is done automatically and unconsciously based on sensations such as smell, sounds, or colors. So, we must study it and take advantage of it to increase as much as possible conversion of the products we sell from our eCommerce.

Knowing what our target audience is like and how it carries out the whole process that leads them to buy our products or services. This way, we can anticipate this process and establish a strategy in which the purchase is practically guaranteed.  

Closing ideas

These are the marketing strategies that we have collected from the Clever AdsTeam for 2022. I hope you can take a look at them and that they will help you implement a solid and effective strategy that will help you to achieve the goals you have set for your eCommerce in 2022.

If you know of any other marketing strategy that you think could be useful for the rest of the readers, don’t hesitate to comment or get in touch!


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