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Include Adwords promotion extensions to your ads

There are many types of AdWords Extensions. This time we are proudly presenting you with the new promo line extension feature. From now on, you can very easily add AdWords Promotion Extensions to your ads through the  eCommerce Ads by Clever Ads app dashboard. Here you can see a screenshot of the new feature of the app:


shopify integration with discount


We have always considered a video as the best form to visualize the process. For that reason, below is a video demonstrating the easy process of adding the promo lines in your ads.



Why AdWords Promotion Extensions?

AdWords Promotion Extensions is a very useful tool which can help your ads perform better.  Statistics show that ads which include promotional offers have higher CTR and conversion rates. These type of extensions are also know for outperforming other types of ad extensions like sitelinks or price extensions.

Furthermore, the ad’s relevance and quality score can be improved by adding ad line extensions. Ad’s extensions are clickable and can lead your customers directly to the page or product you wish to promote. Of course, it is important for each online store to measure its revenue and costs and base their decisions on their goals and objectives.


More about AdWords Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions appear below the ads making them longer and in an eye-catching format. It displays the special occasion you select, like Christmas or Black Friday and up to two extra lines of text with the promotion description and details.

adwords promotion extension example

Then, when somebody clicks on the promotion they go to the landing page where they can find your promoted product or service and proceed to the purchase. This way, potential customers looking for promotions will be aware that you have exactly what they are looking for.


Types of promotions allowed

The Adwords Promotion Extensions can be displayed as a monetary discount or as a percent discount, giving you also the chance to include promotion codes if needed for applying the promotion. Let’s dig in deeper:

  • Percent discount: A percentage that all your customers orders will be discounted, displayed as “20% off”.
  • Monetary discount: It’s the static amount your product or service will be discounted in dollars, euros, or whatever coin you use. It will read as: “20€ off”.
  • Up to percent discount: When you have several percent discounts for different products and you only want to display the maximum discounted amount in your ads so you don’t have to personalize each ad per product. It’ll display as “up to 20% off”.
  • Up to monetary discount: It works the same as the percent discount but with the monetary amount, displayed as “up to 20€ off”.
  • Promo code: You can display when you give a percent or monetary discount but people need to enter a promo code during the checkout for that discount to be applied. It’ll display as “… Code xxx”, having the code a limit of 15 characters maximum.
  • On orders over: When you only apply a percent or monetary discount when customers spend more than a specific total amount in their order you can use this type of promotion type. It’ll display as “20€ off on orders over 150€”.

Google Ads Promotion Extensions limitations

  • Promotion extensions are only supported in English and for the following currencies: USD, EURO, CAN, NZD, AUD, and GBP, which means that only advertisers selling products in those currencies and that run ads for english-speakers will be able to use them.
  • Other promotion types than are not stated before are ineligible to be included in a promotional extension, so you won’t be able to promote “buy 2 get 1 free”, “free shipping” or “fast delivery” for instance. You’d need to use other types of ad extensions for promoting those.

When to run AdWords Promotion Extensions?

There are many occasions for which you can run Adwords promotion extensions, however we made a selection with the most important ones:

when to use adwords promotion extensions

You can also run promotion extensions anytime of the year by not setting specific promotional dates.

You can take a look at the useful eCommerce calendar we have created in order to help you with the special dates and holidays. In this calendar you can find useful information and create your special promotions and offers in order to increase the traffic and the sales of your store.

How to configure promotion extensions?

Let’s see how to configure promotion extensions step by step:

  1. Enter your account, go to the Ad & extensions page menu and click Extensions.
  2. Choose to create a Promotion extension to an ad group, campaign or account.
  3. Select an occasion for your promotion, the dates for it, the language and the currency of your promotion. Also choose if you want a monetary or percentage discount.
  4. Enter the product or service name and the URL that goes to its landing page.

And voila! You’ve configured your first AdWords promotion extension.

Our app Clever eCommerce Ads for Shopify has new, cool features, like AdWords Promotion Extensions.

Once more, we hope you share the excitement with us and stay tuned, because more awesome features are coming out soon!






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