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Best AdWords tips & practices for your online store

Have an eCommerce is easier now, and that’s why there are millions of online stores competing for selling products. How can you make your online store stand out above all the others? How can you bring people to your door? Check these AdWords tips!

Learn about the best AdWords practices for your eCommerce businesses with the expert Marco Rodriguez

Google AdWords should be part of any eCommerce business’ marketing mix, not only for bringing traffic to your store, but also for finding high-converting, hungry customers who are actually interested in your products. Nevertheless, AdWords may seem a little unwieldy and complicated, and that’s why companies hire agencies, or a full PPC manager, or use applications like this Google Ads creator, that automatically creates and launches their AdWords campaigns. You can find these kind of applications, and AdWords Experts in platforms like Shopify.

Whether you feel more confident managing all by yourself, hiring an expert or using an application, it’s always very useful, and not as difficult as it may seem,  to know how it actually works. eCom PPC Academy, will show you the AdWords secrets and mysteries – resulting in actual SALES for your business!

Why the eCom PPC Academy?

This course shows you how to succeed with AdWords for eCommerce from A-Z, which means… It’s beginner friendly! Starting with the basis, and then accelerating the pace for advanced techniques and methods to make more sales and conversions.

Achieve access to 30 video lessons and learn how to get your business started with AdWords and boost your sales.

The instructor, Marco Rodriguez, actively manages several thousands of $ per month for 5-, 6- and 7-figure E-Commerce clients and is a Google Certified AdWords Expert. You may learn more about him on his YouTube channel “The eCom Project”.

What topics does it cover?

It deeply describes the performance of Search, Display, Shopping & Remarketing campaigns, including topics like profitable keyword research, ad creation, account optimization and scaling. What’s more, all future updates are included forever! So it does not matter how the AdWords world changes, you will always be updated about the latest trends.

Premium Package…

2 hours of personal consultation, identifying strengths and weaknesses of your account that could help you improve your ROI!

Learn directly from an AdWords Expert

Every two weeks Marco holds a live webinar in the FB Mastermind Group sharing new techniques and answering any questions you may have face-to-face. Are you acquainted with the PMAX campaigns conducted by Google and Microsoft? They’re definitely worth checking out!


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