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Everything you need to know about Google Ads for small business

Things aren’t the same as they used to be. This is especially noticeable in the ever-changing environment of how business is conducted between merchants and customers. It’s almost become odd for a person to do their shopping primarily in a physical store. Instead, the norm has evolved into eCommerce or online stores. With this evolution has come the need for merchants to market their product across the world wide web. Marketing and advertising is a different game in the world of eCommerce, but there are many ways of going about it. One method that is especially useful due to its large volume of visitors, is advertising your business through Google. These Google Ads for small business are a lot of times the main driving force for the traffic that an online store receives. With all that being said, Google Ads is still a foreign concept to most. In this post, I’m going to explain what they are and how you can use them to your benefit. 

What is it?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords for eCommerce, is an advertising platform built for eCommerce. You are most likely familiar as to what they look like if you use Google in your day to day life. Take for instance a billboard on the side of a highway, these ads are meant to be digital billboards while you surf the web. You will be able to show your ads to customers when they search for businesses or products like yours. However, these ads must tailor to an audience that results in the best result possible for those that are putting them out. We’re humans and we have an insatiable desire for the content we want immediately. With Google Ads, your store can be the first thing a potential customer sees when searching for something. Naturally, the best result possible for those putting Google Ads up would be more traffic into their eCommerce platform. This is mainly because of the simple equation: more traffic = more revenue. 

How does it work?

Partially based on cookies and also on keywords, Google Ads puts the advertisements you want in the places that will do the best for you. In today’s day and age, there is no reason to not have targeted ads for potential customers. Having targeted ads makes it so there is a higher chance conversion with the ad you run. Think of it in a scenario where you are an eCommerce merchant that makes a living by selling movie memorabilia. You need to find the niche and demographic that will deliver the best results for an advertisement that you run. For a product such as this, the best audience to reach might be 30-40 year old males who are looking to add to their man cave. However, there could be many other demographics that have something like movie memorabilia in demand. Google Ads for small business helps in this process and one specific way is through the use of keywords.

What are Keywords?

Firstly, it’s necessary to once again stress the importance of keywords and more specifically the right keyword for your business. You have to put yourself in the mind of a potential customer and think about what they might search when looking for the product you sell. To continue the example of a merchant selling movie Memorabilia, a keyword you might consider using could be something as simple as “movie memorabilia” or maybe “collectors items”. You also bid for these words, with the more popular words demanding a higher bid. Keywords are a big part of Google Ads for small business and the question remains: How can you go from clicks to conversions by choosing the right keywords?

What are the types of Campaigns?

To begin any advertisement, you must create a campaign for it. The type of campaign you chose is dependent upon what your advertising goal is. The types of Google Ad campaigns are Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, Video, and App campaigns. With Search Network campaigns being more common, their use is generally to help you get more visitors to your website. To maintain the example of the movie memorabilia merchant, their Search Network campaign is built off of the keywords. So when someone Google searches “movie memorabilia”, your ad will appear to the searcher. This will then hopefully prompt them into taking action with your business. Along with the campaigns comes the feature of Remarketing. What this does is it allows a company to directly advertise to those who have visited your website in the past. This essentially gives more bang for your buck. When a customer sees an advertisement they are familiar with, they are more likely to interact with it. To go a step further, there is also Dynamic Remarketing. This is especially useful to eCommerce platforms because it allows you to advertise specific products of your store. More specifically, it shows these products to customers who have already viewed these products. So not only will they be familiar with the store, but they will also be familiar with the product being advertised. Something like this might push the customer into actually purchasing the autographed “Pulp Fiction” poster that they had their eye on.

What can you do now?

Just to emphasize once more, ff you’re an eCommerce store in the beginning stages, it’s important to get your name out to the general public. With Google being the industry leading search engine that it is, advertising on its platform would be a good place to start. 

If you’ve already established your Google Ads campaigns, then it might be beneficial to look into extra help. There are many apps that can help you on your path to greatness, one specifically being Google Ads by Clever Ads. We specifically recommend eCommerce Ads by Clever, which will create and automate your Google Ads campaigns for your business and, are you acquainted with the PMAX campaigns conducted by Google and Microsoft? They’re definitely worth checking out!

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