Learn how to make the most out of Google Analytics Reports

Using Google Analytics Reports for Better eCommerce Decisions

#1 Get to know your customers with Audience Reports

Through Google Analytics, you can gain knowledge about how your customers behave on your site.

You also obtain access to demographic data so you can make decisions and optimize your store accordingly.

Audience Reports provide insights about your site’s visitors’ age, gender, location, language & the device they are using.

You’re also given insight on how many people entered your site, the number of times they entered, and pages they visited.

You can use all of this information to understand which countries and cities have customers who are most interested in your products.

From here, you can implement shipping options for these locations. Knowing which people visit your site and their means of accessing it allows you to narrow the targeting of your acquisition campaigns.

For instance, if you are displaying ads all over the internet, you may see that a lot of teenagers from the United States visit your site from 6:00 PM and on.

This information will allow you to target your ads. You can choose that specific portion of the public as well as a specific location and time. This way, you can considerably shrink your costs, and the traffic that goes through your site will be much more relevant.

#2 Optimize your acquisition channels with Acquisition Reports

Google Analytics allows you to see how people arrived at your site. This brings awareness to which channels work most effectively in terms of customer traffic, and which ones are better at converting in terms of engagement.

Now you have the ability to focus on the acquisition channels that are most useful to you.

For instance, in addition to the traffic you obtain organically, you may receive traffic through ads, social media posts, or emails.

You can track which links are having more clicks, and which links are leading to a purchase. Because of this technology, you can allocate a higher budget in specific strategies to lead to a better performance.

#3 Improve your site’s content with Google Analytics Behavior Reports

In the Behavior Report, you can find information about your pages, such as its loading speed, bounce rate, number of times visited, and the number of time visitors spends on each page.

For instance, detecting a slow loading speed and fixing it could lead to a large improvement in your SEO performance.

This concrete report is great for identifying the pages that are performing better in terms of visits and engagement, and the ones that you need to focus on improving.

Understanding what’s not working properly allows you to create a better experience for your visitors. It also increases the chances that they actually convert.

#4 Understand your conversions and sell more with the eCommerce or Conversion Reports

This is the most important report for eCommerce stores. You can link your store from most platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce so Google Analytics has access to your products, transactions, sales, and conversions. You can also gain a lot of information about your eCommerce Ads campaigns through Google Analytics!

You will also receive information about which products are bought, their value and in which quantity, the number of sessions that occur before a purchase is made, and more!

With this information, you can allocate your marketing efforts more efficiently by identifying the products people are most interested in. As you track the revenue per transaction, you can detect which products may benefit from implementing discounts and offers.

Also, you can decipher when to eliminate shipping costs depending on the amount spent. Understanding your sales is crucial to learning how to increase them.

Analytics can be intimidating, but focusing on the fundamental metrics and reports is vital to grow and escalate your business.

These reports are the basics of what you should understand in order for you to most effectively utilize Google Analytics.

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